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Thanks for the kind words! And thanks to everyone for your interest.

Hi ben, how do you feel about minecraft as a tool to learn about and practice computer design? Most of my comp-eng work has been in minecraft, but i constantly feel as if it isnt quite 'legit'. The main reason i used it is because it has no cost for components.

I'm not OP but speaking solely for myself, Minecraft has really turned me back on to all the logic design stuff. For example, see my single-push-button castle gate control, http://imgur.com/a/tBzJh. Of course, Minecraft physics aren't the same as real physics, but I think this is a great way to introduce anyone to circuits. It's certainly a lot more fun than the various exercises I had to do in my college EE classes.

Amazing Ben! Your videos are great!! But I have a question for everyone. Once built, what do you do with it? Yes it's an amazing learning project, but after it's complete I'd like to put it in a case maybe for display. Just not sure what would be best or what code would be most interesting to display. Perhaps replacing the 555 clock with a RTC DS1307 and using it as a time piece?

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