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This presentation has little interesting information, maybe internet and mobile innovation have peaked?

Over the years I've always been fascinated to read her internet trends report, and this is the first time it feels tired. Important to understand the trends in China for sure, but few surprises overall.

Y'know, it's weird. I was just reading an article about how our economy is investing strangely little amounts of capital in innovation, R&D, etc etc. Instead, employment is fairly healthy and productivity increases are starting to be eclipsed by wage growth. What is going on?[1]

I think that the author's most powerful point is his final one: "The U.S. economy’s creative-destruction engine is broken." People aren't moving around to where the jobs are as much as they used to. They're not moving between jobs as much as they used to. They're not creating many new businesses, and they're certainly not creating new industries.

Technology holds so much promise, but there's an extremely severe dearth of capital. And I say that at a time when investors are supposedly looking high and low for places to invest their money.

Well, I say that this is what happens when you consolidate too much; there's nothing left to invest in, and no way for new players to enter unless one of the bloated, festering incumbent market-shoggoths finally bites it. That's where we're headed if we don't start to break up our economy's local behemoths. Or at least if we don't start empowering individuals more. If people made enough money and had the legal freedom to pursue their dreams in their off hours, more of them would probably be inclined to do so.

[1]: https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2017/05/so-wher...

> This presentation has little interesting information, maybe internet and mobile innovation have peaked?

Come on! Theres 350+ slides with a lot of good data points. Just some quick things I made a mental note of:

- half the world is on the internet. Thats incredible - and the implications are huge now and will be even more so as we get to full coverage...

- ad blockers are popular everywhere and growing. Mobile ad blocker usage is >50% in Malaysia. Why? Also China mobile > 10%

- The USA Income Statement was a nice visual. USA has been running a net deficit on the order of 18% for the last 25 years. Is it sustainable?

~ 30% of "revenue" comes from individual income taxes. Only 9% from corporations. Is that fair?

I thought the slides comparing business app development and mobile games were interesting

> maybe internet and mobile innovation have peaked?

In my observation that notion gets thrown around in large batches about every 3 to 5 years consistently over the last 20+ years re the Internet & Web. Then crypto currencies take off. Or mobile via smartphones hits. Or ecommerce takes off. Or social takes off. Or search gets drastically better and good content becomes easier to find, spurring a boom in its creation. Or SaaS takes over. Or streaming media starts crushing old media in tv, movies, music, etc. - ten years ago Netflix was a $1 billion market cap DVD distributor and Spotify barely existed. Or cloud computing - and thousands of follow-on services - finally becomes cost effective & accessible, then everyone moves to adopt it. And then AI becomes cheap, accessible, and distributed everywhere. And then...

Internet & mobile innovation is in fact about to accelerate.

AI is about to accelerate, and applying technology in the physical world. Internet and mobile are now taken-for-granted infrastructure like the power grid.

Would say the exact opposite. This deck is great and like how they focus on how things are changing. One of the most interesting slides was which tech company most trusted with health data.

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