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That's just it -- many of these listings are misnomers, targeting the naive and/or desperate. Why beat that horse any more than it already has been if it's not even an accurate use of the term?

That might be a little harsh. I suspect that what's going on is that rather than targeting the naive or desperate, it's naive HR folks that think they're "getting into our heads" or "speaking our language".

It's sort of like a parent that really wants to be cool telling their kids that they really like those "Limp Biscuit" fellows - it's not that the sentiment is entirely unappreciated, but the attempt is so misguided and cheap that it's a bigger turnoff than if they'd just embraced their un-coolness to begin with.

Yeah, after a few weeks of a clueless founder, and surrounded by our fellow 'agile' and 'rockstar' programmers, you might be longing for reassuringly foosball-free break-room, and the steady whir and click as the TPS reports roll into the out-tray of the HP. Mmm. Kay.

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