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Show HN: Whaller – create private social networks for your org and community
41 points by amokrane_t on May 29, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 20 comments
We've built a platform that enables private individuals and organizations to create their custom social network. We deployed a large range of features : you can chat, store your folders in our file boxes (works with Dropbox and Google Drive), assign tasks and display them in a Trello-like Kanban, create a portal for your organization... We're trying to gather some feedback in order to improve our service. Here are a few screenshots : http://imgur.com/gallery/EFanm. <feel free to visit our website at https://whaller.com

Sounds like the space Ning (ning.com) used to be in. I thought they went belly-up at some point, but it looks like they're now focusing on general website building with added "social features".

Just a heads-up, the Integrations text on the English version of your homepage appears to be in French.

Also, what would you say are your main selling points over your competitors (i.e. compared to other private social network platforms)?

Hello, @ZenoArrow ! Thanks for the feedback, we've corrected that mistake. Our main selling point over our competitors is that we're completely customizable. You can either make it a corporate social network that is more user-friendly than Yammer/Chatter/connections.... or you can use it for your daily life (family, friends, students, neigborhood...) and what is great is that we do NEVER sell or share your data and you'll never see any ad on Whaller.

This looks very nice, it could very well be a game-changer.

Question: how do you achieve real-time. Long polling? Web sockets? Sente?

And, how many users can your system support at the moment?

Thanks! Very interested in the architecture, keep up the good work.

Hi @sova ! Thanks for the feedback. Our system can support 100K useres/sphere. We achieve the real-time through websocket (socket.io)

Nice. Please take a look at https://github.com/uNetworking/uWebSockets

There is a drop-in line that can make your socket.io a lot faster, if that's your jam.

You should post it with a direct link.

Are these private social networks hosted by you?

It's not immediately clear.

Hi eps ! Yes they are but the Premium-plus offer allows you to store your data on your own servers.

Your integrations section is still in French :)

Thanks for the feedback @Neurocynic. We'll correct that !

this would be a great replacement for email since most of my emails are project/team related. love the site and previews. price is great too.

Thanks @mapster ! And you don't even need to pay for the premium offer. A big part of our users are happy with the free version. Even when it's free, we do not share your data and do not display ads.

I forgot to mention that our Edu offer is 66% cheaper than the price you see on the link.

Beautiful landing page.

I hate social networks.

It reminds me of Sim City clicking on parts of the grid with the sound effects in the background. I wonder if that was an inspiration.

That's why we created Whaller ! And I'll tell our designer what you said about her landing page. Thank you @fiatjaf

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Good luck.

Good idea. We've added "Show HN" above.

Thanks guys !

I'm not sure what it is but the screenshots make me feel itchy.

I take it privacy means privacy except from your boss, your company and the Govt.? So far fewer guarantees than with self-hosted FOSS alternatives?

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