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Wow, thanks for posting that, it is really nifty. And makes it much easier to confirm what I already figured for a while: OSM being open really helps in adding a ton of interesting details which matter to me, whereas the bigger map players are overwhelmingly undetailed in areas which aren't considered important enough (at leat I assume that is the reason). Like the small village where I live: OSM has even the smallest footpaths, even going so far as including an official one which doesn't really exist because it is currently part of privatly owned land, it is apty labelled 'old footpath xx' so one can see the new route is now 'footpath xx'.

This is the sort of thing I do in my local area; update OSM with anything I notice that's missing and seems like it belongs.

The bulk of my updates are local trails through the bush from when I go exploring, based on my GPS tracks. But I've also been adding pedestrian paths between streets, new roads from residential developments, and so on.

I'm guessing it just takes a few of this kind of person to keep OSM up-to-date. It's a shame it's not more widely used directly by the general public with some way of flagging errors.

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