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PostmarketOS: Overwhelmed by feedback and next steps (ollieparanoid.github.io)
73 points by ollieparanoid on May 28, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Realistically when do you think a production phone with pm-os will be possible? Assuming if everyone that are star-gazers will chip in? I want to show my gratitude but I am also pragmatic. Thanks

I don't think it is realistic, that all stargazers will help with development :)

So currently the project is nothing but a proof of concept with a solid base component (pmbootstrap).

I guess with "production phone" you mean, that it can compete with Android/Apple? This would take years, and that isn't in the scope at all for now.

What is a goal though is to make basic functionality work, so you could at least use Wi-Fi, do phone calls, update your phone and have a sane userland (where programs don't run as root, when they don't need to and ideally have privilege separation). Even for that it's hard to estimate, but maybe half a year or so.

Re: production ready, it would be good enough for me with:

1. WiFi

2. LTE

3. Phone

4. SMS

5. Browser

So I'm optimistic :)

I second that, this is what i would consider "production ready" - This is all i need!

Surely GPS as well?

>"have a sane userland (where programs don't run as root, when they don't need to and ideally have privilege separation)"

On this point, have you considered using Snaps or Flatpak? Before Canonical pulled the plug on Ubuntu Mobile I believe they intended to use Snaps for most/all userland software. Though I'm not a Linux expert, it still seems like a solid idea.

Honest question: why not integrate ubuntu OS so you've got the whole User stack directly ?

You mean like this Firefox running on postmarketOS: https://ollieparanoid.github.io/img/2017-05-26/i9100/firefox... ?

He is using the Alpine Linux user space for that.

When you ask that question, are you asking as a consumer or as a developer?

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