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> Edit: I don't care about karma on HN but if you're downvoting please explain yourself.

Please don't break the HN guidelines by going on about downvotes.


We detached this subthread from https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14431021 and marked it off-topic.

Not that it matters a whole lot but you made two mistakes:

a. You said going on about downvotes, whereas I mentioned it only once, and you probably didn't bother to check whether the only other reference of the same kind was not made by me.

b. My actual comment and the replies I received (iow, the thread) were not off-topic if you had bothered to read them.

"Going on about downvotes" means complaining about them or otherwise making them a topic of discussion here, which is always tedious and always off-topic.

Comments that break the site guidelines in this way cross into offtopicness regardless of how relevantly they began.

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