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You wouldn't be able to rely on "turn right and go through 2 stop lights" type directions derived from OpenStreetMap, traffic lights aren't mapped all that consistently.

Depends on where you are. I don't remember seeing inaccurate crossings in the Netherlands, and scrolling over some roads just now (some rural, some in towns, some in cities), it matches 100% with my memory (true positives and true negatives).

Germany also has good data, but I drive there much less so I can't vouch for it.

Belgium on the other hand... I haven't yet found missing roads, which is surprising given what the map looks like.

Ah, bummer :-(

It isn't super complicated data to capture, I think a single person could fill in a small to medium sized town in an easy weekend.

There's an issue where intersections aren't really mapped in OSM (at least in terms of priority, turn restrictions are increasingly captured), the pieces are all well modeled but there isn't much information about how they fit together.

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