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I said this a bit differently in another comment but I'll ask you this - would you still support Aadhaar if the party in power was not the Bjp? Remember that the party in power will inevitably change at some point but this project will remain. Would you be able to trust any party besides the Bjp with being in charge of this project? If you would, well I won't argue with you, if not you really have to think about the implications of what is happening.

FYI : I will welcome all those scheme which dry out the bribe money from the corrupt government service officials.

I will also welcome all methods which

- eliminate the middleman

- reduce the sense of entitlement from government officials

- abolish the need of standing in queues of people to pay bribe

- financially drain out all those government officials who plan their expenses based on bribe estimate not their actual salary

Aadhar's direct benefit scheme has actually done it.

I too support all initiatives you list but not at the risk of handing away by identity for potential abuse. You have to understand that most Aadhaar critics are not anti-national or corrupt, in fact quite the opposite they do not want to become (even more) vulnerable to the 'big players ' in the hierarchy of corruption in India.

Again, I have never mentioned bjp in any place where I mentioned the government.

Did I?

You are just assuming.

Ok re-read the comment substituting Bjp with party currently in power and think about the question.

My entire point was Aadhaar is dangerous in its current form irrespective of the government backing it. As for your dismissive comments on why not many people complained earlier (which is a bit dishonest to claim btw, there were quite a few who did, including the current PM and other politicians from the BJP, fwiw), the reason possibly was because it wasn't being forced down everyone's throat like it is now.

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