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No, and it has been known for 20 years that they don't https://www.amazon.co.uk/Silicon-Snake-Oil-Cliff-Stoll/dp/03...

This is spam. If you have an argument for or against and want to provide data you link to said data. This is a link to a hardback book for purchase.

I'm not saying you're right or wrong I just find this the opposite of effective for conveying your point.

For purchase for 1p, and containing all the research. What exact point are you trying to make?

My point was very clear. I suggest reading my original comment again.

Perhaps you don't know what the word "spam" means? Perhaps you are a "troll"?

Since when is citing a book considered spam?

When stating something as a fact on HN the poster typically posts proof that is verifiable. When you post a link to a book there is no research one can verify. It's of no value in the timespan nor do posters have the trust that they should pay money to see evidence that someone purports. In addition to that you'd still need to verify the source(s) that book used, if it even cites any (I'm unfamiliar with the book, how would I know what it contains?).

Essentially: You're wrong but you have to pay and wait a few days to know why. Not really in the spirit of constructive arguments on HN.

In my opinion, anyway.

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