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I wrote a system with this concept back in the early 00s, to let designers drag/drop a design on-screen and then read the positioning of the dropped elements to compute the HTML that would produce their design... it was a dismal failure. What I found was that designers who wanted to work with the web didn't want an easy-to-use tool. They either wanted to dig in and learn HTML themselves, or just keep using Photoshop. And end users building personal sites didn't want to innovate on their designs, they wanted to use pre-made templates and just fill in their own text, change colors and images, etc.

Maybe the pervasiveness of computing has increased to where there now would be a market for such things... it has been 15 years since I failed to find an audience after all. And I wouldn't hold back on developing the technology, but I'd put a decent amount of effort into a product fit before getting too excited.

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