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Awesome before I got into web design and became a "full stack developer" I wanted this same thing... asked about it on a forum. I'll have to read the article/check it out to see if you literally do something like pixel mapping or "Open CV" throw that in there to be safe. "Bit mapping?"

edit: I didn't ask if this was for web or app, it looked like it was for applications... wouldn't know how to do layout on that but can do it with HTML/CSS, maybe with Electron you could do that for Desktop apps, not sure about Android/iOS though.

The demo video shows two examples and iOS UI and a web UI, it looks like it's using Bootstrap for the web UIs

Ahh thanks for the clarification, I probably should have watched it full screen.

I suppose once you know how layout works with XML (Android) it wouldn't be hard to translate... assuming you've got the layout down... interesting to see their decisions whether to decide if thing are grouped together or work separately/positioned independently like a menu icon. Unless it's absolutely positioned and not responsive/dynamic.

At any case thanks

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