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I seriously hope that AI can soon take over the majority of work (usually mundane) involved in create CRUD applications. Leaving the programmer with simply customizing certain parts or writing very specific business or validation logic.

It might drive down the wages of _some_ programmers but it will at the same time free us to work on more interesting problems.

I'm hoping that it would just free us from work entirely ;-)

Maybe OT but "free from work" is kind of an oxymoron.

You can't be free if you don't produce. You will be a slave to people who do produce.

If you lack the imagination to consider such a future, learn from the best and read the Culture series of novels.

Imagination is easy. Doesn't mean it's viable (or desirable).

You cannot imagine your way out of human nature.

You'd need at minimum the entire population to be of sufficiently high IQ and high agreeableness (and low aggressiveness). This kind of population does not exist, and probably will not exist in the foreseeable future. If it did exist, it will probably be run over by another population of high aggressiveness. So unless the population of the entire planet is as such, this will continue to be mere imagination.

Mate, my grapes need attentions that I cannot give cause I'm working.

My home made spumante takes time that I have to take from other tasks, such as laying at the beach

My craft beers won't make themselves

I have tomatoes, potatoes, beans and fruit to grow

And of course programming as an hobby

I would have so much to do, if I didn't have to work…

AI will take care of your grapes and your craft beers will indeed make themselves, as will your tomatoes, potatoes, and beans.

Laying at the beach will get boring after two weeks probably.

I think there was a comment on HN yesterday relevant now: oh the wonderous things we could do with Haskell if we neither had nor needed jobs.

> AI will take care of your grapes and your craft beers will indeed make themselves

That's even better!

I love watching the others doing things

> Laying at the beach will get boring after two weeks probably.

You really lack imagination then…

Maybe your internal robot is still too strong

Yu will get it, eventually

> Laying at the beach will get boring after two weeks probably.

Learn to surf and change your mind.

You cannot imagine your way out of human nature, but you should imagine that you might not know exactly what that human nature is.

You don't have to know it exactly. You already know enough. There are enough people on the planet with low IQ and/or high aggressiveness to make this infeasible.

so low IQ and high aggressiveness is human nature?

I'm always wondering why this kind of tasks can't be largely automated already. It's not like you need AI for generating what largely amounts to default plumbing code.

It shouldn't be that difficult to generate back-end code for say a Bootstrap template. It should even be possible to generate both a Bootstrap template and the corresponding back-end code from something like a Balsamiq mockup.

The problem with generated code though used to be that it tended to both break quickly when confronted with non-default requirements and to make customisation by (human) developers much more difficult and cumbersome.

So, perhaps the route to having largely automatically generated CRUD apps isn't so much paved by the code generation process - involving AI or not - itself but by how easily the generated code can be extended afterwards. I'm envisioning to never have to touch the actual CRUD code. I'd rather like that CRUD code to provide extension points for additional services or functions to tack on to.

It wont drive down wages, because of Jevon's Paradox. The commodity that is used more efficiently will become more in demand.

It will drive down the wages of the less experienced programmers. Relatively less skilled programmers who still make higher than the average wage of the general population.

gRPC already does automate huge chunk of CRUD apps creating routine

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