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I hacked together a quick demo using Ruby, Sinatra, and Heroku with Twilio this last weekend and the whole time I was thinking "Heroku makes this easy, but having to host a server makes this harder to debug".

I feel like this new feature will make it super easy to work with Twilio. It's almost a no brainer.

Or you can keep the Ruby stack and just use ngrok in dev. :-)

Trust me, I love Ruby and ngrok works well, but I think a serverless setup is a lot simpler (at least in my mind). I was actually using Twilio to test a Ruby library of mine and set up a text service for product registrations for a CRM. It works freakishly well.

But despite all that, I feel like setting everything up in one place would be a lot simpler.

Now if Twilio had a way to deploy serverless functions via git... that would be a clincher.

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