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From my research so far, here is what I have found...

the main topics that one should learn are: * some tidbit of history on why oop * fundamental object oriented concepts: inheritance, encapsulation, and interfaces * network of objects and their restricted interactions

* modeling a domain using objects * documenting objects and their interactions * how are objects represented in memory * SOLID principles * solutions (design patterns) to common problems * concurrent design and thread safety in oop designs * tools in oop design (CRC cards, UML, etc.) * actually making projects and laying out the code in an implementation language.

Here are some books I seem to like so far.


Holger Gast - How to Use Objects: Code and Concepts (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0321995546) This book seems to be what I was looking for. It has an integrated practical approach using the Eclipse source code as examples for various object oriented concepts. I have cross-checked various sources and it seems like this book covers all relevant concepts including SOLID principles.

Bertrand Meyer - Object-Oriented Software Construction https://www.amazon.com/Object-Oriented-Software-Construction... This seems to be a great reference. However, I haven't looked too thoroughly into it. I found a nice quote though.

  "Today, no one will call security if one of the cocktail guests 
  declares object-oriented tastes. This is the buzzword effect, which 
  has been dubbed mOOzak: the omnipresence, in the computer press, of 
  O-O this and O-O that, causing a general dilution of the concepts. 
  The words flow so continuously from the loudspeakers — object, 
  class, polymorphism... — as to seem familiar, but are the concepts 
  widely understood? Often not." (29.1)
only found one course that I would probably refer to... courses: https://web.stanford.edu/class/archive/cs/cs108/cs108.1092 This has great course notes and projects to implement using object oriented programming.

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