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Thanks for letting us know Ricky, it's great to see new functionality being released so often on Twilio. Playing with functions for a bit today, it would be great to be able to add additional nodejs libraries, is that a feature coming up any time soon?

It is great to see that the industry is moving from webhooks to Functions. We've seen this model succeed at Auth0 with our Rules feature [1] implemented 3 years ago. Recently productized this experience with Auth0 Extend [2]. It supports all node modules, a one-line of js emebeddable Editor, real time logs, vault to store secrets, custom programming models and crons.

[1] https://auth0.com/docs/rules

[2] https://auth0.com/extend/developers

just full disclosure. Woloski^ is the cto and founder of autho. They have a competing product in the serverless space. Click on the links to learn more. Here is the pricing page, https://auth0.com/pricing

Stoked to hear you've been playing with it. I can't make any promises on roadmap yet but we're excited to get feedback from the community while we're in public beta to help shape what Functions become for GA. If you keep hacking with it and have thoughts feel free to drop me an e-mail (ricky AT twilio.com).

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