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Awesome play by Twilio. We've been working on StdLib [1] and an open specification for FaaS execution [2] for a while now, and demos with Twilio (sending text messages after automatically validating parameters, hooking into other functions in our ecosystem) have really helped developers grok what's possible. (We have a built-in SMS utility that actually uses Twilio behind the scenes [3]).

Happy to see we've come to the same conclusions about utility independently :).

[1] https://stdlib.com/

[2] https://github.com/faaslang/faaslang/

[3] https://stdlib.com/utils/sms

Just checked out stdlib.com. Looks awesome. Much appreciate you using Twilio to demo it. Would you drop me an email at gb@twilio.com? Would love to send you something.

Gladly. We're big fans!

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