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I somewhat recently worked on a huge monolith where certain parts were "off limits"; I was told to the effect of "noone changes those classes, we don't really understand them". That business is not going too well now.

I searched the article for "domain" and "bounded contexts", found nothing. Article is not without merit, however; Sam Newman in his book [1] cautions about going too aggressive, i.e. splitting down into too many microservices before the domain is fully understood. On the other hand, having systems cross obvious domains is a definite warning sign (of disaster).

So the motto might be, use them, but in moderation (as with a lot of things).

1) https://smile.amazon.com/Building-Microservices-Designing-Fi...

Amazon has been a precursor of SOA. There's no "Micro" in SOA, for a reason.

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