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Cool. Absorb sounds very nice. But even if bookmarks now work flawlessly such that I need never again deal with Mercurial's awful heavy-weight branching model, for me it's too late. This is what happens when you don't mind the store: someone else takes your business. Mercurial people spent years screaming about the evils of re-writing history only to now aim to provide a better rebase experience -- fantastic, but too late, the world has moved on.

Also, don't forget the index! I adore the index in git.

I hope people learn the value of not being opinionated when it comes to building mind-share. I know, being opinionated works for Apple, and Apple is a fantastically valuable company. But I don't think it works well for everyone else. Git's being not-opinionated may be the thing that is best about it.

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