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My personal favourite:

    git for-each-ref --sort=-committerdate
.. shows progress for each branch .. this makes it surprisingly easy to see which of the developers in our group (with their own branches) is pushing the codebase further ..

Sounds like a great place to work

That sounds terribly mean spirited. Is that what you meant?

Are you trying to separate the wheat from the chaff from developers that are already in your team?

This has nothing to do with developer assessment - its only for finding out, during the daily review, what branches have had the most activity and what is ready for the daily review.

Sometimes you find a repo and you want to figure out who "owns" it or is the "expert". That's what I'd use it for.

I don't understand how to interpret the data this spits out.

3 columns - 1: git hash, 2: type, 3: branch name

Sorted by 'most recently touched'.

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