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What is the purpose of this comment? Do you honestly think Americans should feel bad that we won't exploit ourselves even further?

If anything the average American should be demanding more, not accepting less.

There is no morality in sacrificing for your masters. If anything it is immoral to allow the market to swing so low by accepting a job with such a low wage. Let the masters herd sheep, the current herders would serve society better by not accepting such low paid work and choosing to die if better work could not be found.

While a decision like that would likely serve the market better and encourage higher wages, I think telling people they should die instead of giving any attempt to survive is a bold, if not heartless statement.

If you don't mind me asking, have you found yourself ever having to make that sort of decision?

You seriously think people will choose to die? Have you ever met other people?

Of course I don't think they would do that. I'm just saying people that would choose that are likely on the moral high ground compared to those that choose to take jobs that don't even pay a living wage.

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