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>Holy Crap!

It'll happen to all these dual-class shares when the tide turns and the tech sector falls from favour.

I think Ford's case is substantially different than that of Google and Facebook though, because in the tech companies' cases if the shares are ever transferred from the original founders they automatically lose their super-voting rights. The theory is that the founders were smart enough to build the juggernauts in the first place, and as long as they're alive they're (hopefully) the best people to keep them going. With the Ford situation, the current super-voting members of the Ford household "earned" that right by wisely choosing the right parents. :)

This. Super-voting rights makes some sense for startups and for companies like Times Mirror, where you don't want people buying up shares so they can dictate the news. Less so for other companies.

On the other hand, while it's been close, Ford is the only US automaker that hasn't taken a trip through bankruptcy court.

Yeah, Carlos Slim has 0 say in what the times reports. /S

He probably does. But there's influence and then there's dictatorial power.

Your account is new so I'll just tell you: sarcastic replies are almost always obliterated here.

I think that's a pretty condescending way to make you're point. I've seen plenty of successful sarcastic posts over the years. I made my point and regardless of the direction of the votes, people saw it.

I think you misread my tone! Just noticed a < 1 year old account and filled you in, nothing more. Everyone else was just down voting, which I didn't think was helpful if you didn't yet know.

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