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Choosing The Right Freelancing Niche [audio] (simplecast.com)
70 points by chris_hawk on May 23, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

Hey! Interviewer here. This is my recent talk with Connie Holen, who is kind of a badass - how many web designers do you know who are former fighter pilots? O_O

Anyway. Connie is pretty cool and she figured out some useful things about running a freelancing/consulting biz. If you want to chat about the episode or have any questions, I'll be around.

Hope you find this useful. Thanks!

I really wanted to subscribe to this podcast in my RSS reader, it was a nice episode! Unfortunately, I could find no way to download the audio and my usual use of podcasts is to listen during a commute when I have unreliable internet. Without the ability to download it is unlikely I will continue to listen. There's even a link on the 100kfreelancing site that says "download mp3" but it doesn't work and just links again to the streaming web player.

Nice catch! I fat-fingered the download link.

It's been fixed now, feel free to download. If you want to save the click of going to 100kfreelancing.com first, here it is:


Thanks for pointing that out, I would have missed it.

Any chance these podcasts are transcribed somewhere?

Looks like it isn't online for this episode yet, but usually Chris has full transcripts on the 100kfreelancing.com website. It'll probably appear here when it's ready:


Thanks, I was just coming in here to post this!

Sometimes it takes me a day or two to get the transcripts up. I don't have them for every episode yet, as I just introduced the feature 3 or 4 episodes ago, but I'll have one up for this episode soon.

SyneRyder answered for me, so I'll just say "thanks for asking"! Sometimes I wonder if anyone is actually reading those things, and now I know.

I'm not a deaf programmer, but I know a surprising number of them! It's a pretty solid career choice for deaf people, considering 98% of the job is doable without being able to hear anything. Thanks for doing transcripts :)

You know, I'm so dense sometimes. When I started doing transcripts, I was thinking "SEO", not "deaf people". Duh!

>It's a pretty solid career choice for deaf people, considering 98% of the job is doable without being able to hear anything.

Never thought of it that way before. I bet it makes open-plan offices tolerable, too. Hmm.

What was the clunky scheduling software mentioned around 7:00?

It rhymes with SchmindSchbody.

It's not a bad system, I actually like it quite a bit, BUT...it has some definite pain-points associated with using it!

For those looking for the RSS to add to your podcast player.


Thanks! I should probably share that more prominently on the website.

Great episode! I know that when I focused my business and really only targeted one kind of client, my revenue went up.

My monthly recurring revenue 10X in just 6 months.

10x is craaaaazy. I mean, unless you were only making like $500/month before. And I know that's not the case! :)

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