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The major problem I see here is you're measuring "Time Spent" (in the 3rd graph, at least). If a product is really innovative, it should take up less of the user's time, not more.

If Outlook suddenly became twice as efficient, you'd expect to see "Time Spent" decreasing.

Only if the number of things that you used to do was fixed. Adding features and increasing performance could possible cancel out, timewise.

That said, I think determining the utility of a product from the amount of time spent in it is a very difficult thing to do. Deriving utility from time spent, and then comparing it between products seems very nebulous at best.

Personally, I'm fine with RescueTime's presentation of the graph here. In the end, eyeballs are eyeballs. I don't know if you could generate a metric (from RescueTime, anyway) that could measure product innovation.

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