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There are comments about this in (at least) two other places:



The title it got this time is spot on though - the animation is really awesome.

Whoa! Awesome talk, but he misses the concept of getting credit/fame/legacy. I don't think everyone working on Linux is doing it for autonomy or to enjoy becoming good at something - doing such things to boost your profile is a huge motivator for some people. (It is for me, I'll always turn down better paid opportunities for those that can give me more exposure and that look better in my CV.)

The example he gives of giving people autonomy for a day and them coming back with lots of great solutions seems to rely on the concept of exposure and showing off as much as "autonomy." If you can get a day to make something good and have to show it off at the end of the day, many people are going to be fueled as much by pride and ego as the enjoyment of autonomy.

For those who like the animation - this is the source -> http://comment.rsablogs.org.uk/videos/

Many more at that link.


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