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heh rescuetime have had a string of really interesting blog posts, and without fail almost every comment from hacker news has been complaining about skew and bias.

rescuetime can only provide this level of insight for people that use their software, and that will incur a bias, thats fairly obvious and should go without saying, or at least repeating constantly.

Cheers guys for some really interesting blog posts, some of us appreciate them.

Yeah it's interesting, and yeah I think the trend is meaningful.

However I disagree that they can go without mentioning the sample bias, especially in this case of corporate vs cloud apps. Yes to HN readers (a lot of whom are working on cloud startups) it's obvious. However to the wider community of people who might be reading that blog, that is not necessarily obvious.

In some ways their sample bias might be useful because it shows where the early adopters and the experimenters are going -- the kind of people who might lead the larger market by 3 – 10 years.

This positively reeks of sample bias. Interesting and misleading is a deadly combination.

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