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While this may have been true initially, over the years this is no longer the case. Especially as we have grown adoption of our business offering, which caters to teams inside a broad range of companies and worker types.

As we went from the early adopter crowd to the broader population, you would expect to see MS Office trending up as a whole.

To be clear, I am not throwing stones. I am, of course, a MSFT employee, so I have a bit of bias there. As a data junkie I like to ensure that the right conclusions can be drawn. A post like this, when contrasted with the $4+ billion that the Office group makes, well it's hard to draw the dire conclusions that one might make from this data in a vacuum.

The problem here is that Gmail is used for businesses, but also personal use. Outlook is almost exclusively a business email client. Hotmail is the corresponding personal email client.

To be fair you should include Hotmail. Or you should remove Gmail/GCalendar and Outlook from the list.

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