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> It took me about 1 week to get a first functioning version up

That plus the list of shipped apps in the sidebar is incredibly impressive. Zed should write a book on GTD.

Seriously. Zed produces a shocking amount of content and software. On top of all the software he writes, he's got multiple blogs that get updated frequently.

Clearly Zed Shaw has discovered self-replication and is using it to his advantage.

I do "Time Opportunism" rather than "Time Management". It's a subtle difference, but works incredibly well when you're in a creative+technical discipline like coding, writing, or music.

You should blog about it.

I can guess the difference from the name, but do you care to shed a little more light on your method?

Pretty simple really. Instead of trying to control how I spend your time, I try to take advantage of whatever time I have to do what I'm feeling like doing. A key part of this is reducing the amount of bullshit and setup time necessary to do the things I want, and combining activities.

For example, I try to practice guitar 4 hours a day. I also like watching TV. So, I have a little practice amp in my living room that's always plugged in and has a cable so I can just grab a guitar, and noodle while I watch TV. That alone gives me about 2 hours of practicing mindless stuff.

In other words, you pretty much do whatever the heck you want, and spend a bit of time optimizing your environment so it's easier to do it?

I heard that when he has an idea, he just writes a Perl script that does the work for him.

He probably doesn't refresh HN that often.

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