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Ask HN: Who is Hiring?
158 points by mschaecher on June 17, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 174 comments
It has been a few months since one of these got attention.

Let's try and preface each submission with city or country info, ie SF, NYC, etc.

San Francisco. New York. Chicago.


Job title: Bearer of Bad Tidings.

Downside first: not getting to build something that people want. In fact, having to build things that people explicitly don't want. And having to do it with me. Ask other HN'ers I've hired if I'm kidding about that last sentence.

But, oh, the upside: Runtimes. Linkers. Kernel code. WinAPI, POSIX, Mach. Messaging systems. iPhone apps. Chipsets. Ajax. Javascript parsers. C. FFIs to C in your favorite language. Ruby. Scala. Lisp. Encryption. Electronic markets. Firmware. Reverse engineering. Middleware. Crawling around in the ventilation ducts of the world's most popular and important applications.

Are you an HN regular? You can't possibly waste my time with questions. We love smart people who can code who want to learn software security.

Contact info's in my profile.

Another "who's hiring" thread, another shameless plug: please, if you are posting here about your startup, or if you have a job listing, please take a look at http://job4dev.com/jobs/new. It's completely free to create a listing, and your company gets a page much like crunchbase, but focused on information relevant for job seekers.

If you are looking for jobs, you can browse at http://job4dev.com/jobs. You can filter listings by position, by tags, look for contract jobs only, telecommuting, etc. We just started scraping some of the most interesting job boards out there (e.g: 37signals, Stackoverflow, Ars Jobs), so we have a good number of jobs too.

We are doing a good job at making information easily available. What we need now is to have more users (job seekers as well as job recruiters) checking the website.

(EDIT: downmodders, could you please explain what you have against me talking about a website that is completely related to the thread?)

(EDIT 2: Appsaurus just put their listings over there. http://job4dev.com/company/hello-chair-inc. Thanks, guys!)

The downmodders are concerned because your post is an ad. Related to the thread? Yes. But I see google ads all day that are related to content I'm looking at, and that doesn't necessarily mean I am happy about it.

Maybe a "Review my site" thread would be more appropriate.

I'm voting you up, though I'm not sure I agree with comparing an automated advertising system with a person that is just trying to engage in a conversation.

Anyways, we've done the "review my site" quite a while ago (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1075533), and got some useful feedback, though most of it was "color of the bike shed" discussion. I think that what the site needs the most now is breaking out of the chicken-and-egg problem.

(Still amazed how people are voting it down like I'm a scammer. I'm putting everything for free, and this is not even a "startup", just a side-project. If people took a look at the site, it would be a win-win. By shutting me off, it's a lose-lose. Go figure.)

Good website. But not every company shows how to apply. :(

I'm not looking for a job but I love these threads because I get a nice quick rundown of what other startups are doing and where, and a nice blurb about their team and environment. It helps me feel closer to the other entrepreneurs on HN, like if I ever ran into one of them I'd already have an extra little connection.

Same! We're not hiring yet but I'll definitely use HN to find our next developer! I'm also surprised at how many NYC startups are here :)

Interesting! I am in Springfield,MO. I am not looking for a job, but how can I keep up with what your startup is doing? Could you send me info on what your company is about? Thanks!

Sure! You can check us out at http://getmochi.com. Currently it's a basic basic splash page with a blog but we'll be updating it slowly as we build out and release :)

There aren't nearly enough startups here in Kansas City. At least, not the kind that hang out on Hacker News.

There are a few around here. Did you check out Startup Weekend in April? That's where I got started on my current startup.

I'll be moving out to Kansas City next month and would love to work at a startup. Do you know of any that are hiring?

NYC - Gilt Groupe - www.gilt.com

Work with other brilliant and dedicated people to create the best shopping experience on the web!

We are a designer clothing and luxury goods flash-sale site. Since our founding in 2007 we have had consistent, massive growth. We also operate Jetsetter.com for travel and recently expanded into events with Gilt City: New York.

Technical challenges include personalization at scale, improving business efficiency, and perfecting the customer experience.

All openings are listed at http://www.gilt.com/company/careers, but in particular we are hiring:

Application Engineer, Data Architect, Database Administrator, Senior Director - Business Systems, Senior Platform Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Senior Systems Engineer, QA Engineer, Web Designer, Senior Web Designer

Please email me at amanfredi@gilt.com to apply or for more information. You can become a member of Gilt at http://www.gilt.com/amanfredi

I've heard this is a great company to work for from friends. My fiance and I also order from them constantly, so the offering is compelling.

Sidenote I sent in an app for product manager and was never called back ;(

Glad you like our stuff; sorry you never got a callback! Our HR department was very disorganized for a while -- it should be a lot better now.

I'm sure it cost us a number of excellent people.

i spent time here as developer. it was, hands down, the worst development and work experience of my life.


FreshBooks in Toronto is hiring Web app developers (any flavour), marketing managers, a dev evangelist, and support roles.

We also have a $1000 referral bonus if you know someone who you think should apply and we hire them.


Separately I am the head of integrations and I am looking for a Python shop and a Rails shop to outsource work to.

sunir freshbooks com

Having talked to sunir and many of his co-workers/employees before, I can say this is a great opportunity.

Memphis, TN

Looking for scalability engineers for our google maps style mapping engine. Our company has been collecting polygon data representing wireless coverage patterns worldwide for twenty years. Lots of data. We're scaling out our map generation engine and improving our global geocoder to satiate growing demand industry wide for this kind of data.

We'd consider remote opportunities if you're awesome. Experience with Hadoop, Pig, and HBase is desired but not required. Also helps if you can bust out some C from time to time.

You should speak to Tracell(tracell.com), if you havent. They are in Franklin, TN very close to you and do many amazing things in that area. We used to do some subcontracting for them. Awesome small company with very experienced founders.

I've sent them an email to get more information. Thanks for the tip.

^^^ Much love for this super cutting-edge team! This is probably the most exciting product in the city.

Boston, MA - Zazu is hiring both interns and full-time developers. We're a ruby/java/mongodb shop though we're moving everything over to scala/mongodb.

We're building Jarvis from Iron Man, though right now we're focusing on the morning market (as in alarm clocks). You can check us out at http://getzazu.com and you can email me if you're interested or have any questions at marc (shift^2) getzazu (unshift^>) com

Knowing about jobs outside US will be really appreciated too e.g. Europe, Far East, Middle East and etc.

I hope remote (telecommute) ones exist too.

Eventbrite - San Francisco (conveniently a block from the Caltrain station).

We are Sequoia backed and have grown substantially over the past year. Our US Alexa ranking is around 500 now: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/eventbrite.com

We have openings for back-end, front-end, Android, analytics, DBA, user experience, design and more. Culture fit is really important and we are looking for people who can help us grow and delight our users.

On the backend we work primarily with Python and Django.

See http://www.eventbrite.com/ and http://www.eventbrite.com/jobs

New York, NY (SoHo) - Intent Media is hiring engineers, techops people, and product managers.

We're building an awesome new advertising platform for ecommerce companies, and we're already making money and growing.

We're in a giant loft in SoHo, work in an open, agile environment, and work in JRuby, Java, and pretty much any other language that will run in a JVM.

All of the regular start-up perks, and we're also projecting all of the World Cup games on our wall right now.


More job descriptions going up later this week, but feel free to email me directly at kurt@intentmedia.com

Palo Alto, CA - kaChing is hiring front- and back-end engineers to help us disrupt the $10^12 mutual fund market.

We are looking for self-driven software engineers who are passionate about solving problems related to scalability, algorithms and user experience. Our team comes from top schools and companies including Stanford, Google, Ning, and LinkedIn. We're located in downtown Palo Alto within walking distance of the train and Stanford. We use JVM languages (JRuby, Scala and Java) and a revolutionary service execution environment. We share all of our data via a public API, employ a 5-minute commit-to-production cycle and embrace Agile, test-driven processes.

For some perspective into how we think, check out our engineering blog http://eng.kaching.com.

Got a question? Ready to apply? Email us at jobs@kaching.com. We respond to our most promising candidates promptly.

Booz Allen (http://www.boozallen.com), a large government consulting firm in Washington, DC is on a serious hiring spree right now because of a new flexible recruiting model.

I work with the Diplomacy and Intl. Development (DID) team in IT strategy, but I can put you in touch with the right people if you want to do something else. We do everything from public policy to systems development. Basically, a great way to get some consulting experience.

NYC - Etsy is hiring developers like crazy. We're building all kinds of awesome stuff, and re-inventing the way people think about commerce and the web. Check out our blog: http://codeascraft.etsy.com/


San Francisco, CA

Miso, recently funded by Google Ventures, is looking for an outstanding Web Developer (Rails experience strongly preferred, but not strictly required).

We're changing the way people watch TV — building a social entertainment platform that makes watching TV, sports, and movies more fun.

Our offices are located next to AT&T Park, on the Embarcadero in San Francisco, near MUNI and Caltrain.

More details here: http://gomiso.com/jobs

Interested? Email us at jobs@gomiso.com

Atlassian - Sydney, San Francisco, Amsterdam. We are looking at hiring a bunch of product, engineering and support roles so swing over to http://www.atlassian.com/32 and checkout our openings.

Seriously, you'll love this company as much as I do - relaxed working environment, comfortable chairs, enthusiastic staff, interesting problems, no requisition forms for resources, founders you can have a beer with and customers that love your products - what more could an engineer or product manager ask for?

We have a "hire-a-mate" program where we give you $2k for referring a new employee that passes their probation period - its pretty sweet.


We are 100% privately owned and the future looks very bright.

Are there separate jobs pages for openings outside of Sydney? Or are all the jobs listed at the link you've posted open in all three locations?

completely unrelated but it would be really great if there were an easy way to attach email threads to JIRA tasks

We're hiring at YouVersion (http://youversion.com). Fully remote team working on web & mobile apps. 7 million users and tracking toward 10 million before January 2011. Hiring all position immediately.

iOS Engineer: http://www.lifechurch.tv/jobs/37

Blackberry: http://www.lifechurch.tv/jobs/39

Symbian: http://www.lifechurch.tv/jobs/41

Web UX Designer & Developer: http://www.lifechurch.tv/jobs/42

Partnership Development (PR/Marketing): http://www.lifechurch.tv/jobs/36

My company (meshcapital) is hiring. We are a small high frequency fund in Jersey City, 5 minutes from NYC (WTC path station, in particular). We have no customers, we are managing the money of our founder. I've been here since march, and I'm enjoying myself so far. Challenging technical problems, startup-like atmosphere, no suits - it's programmer vs market.

We're looking for good developers with a solid grasp of fundamentals - our interview questions are similar to Project Euler. If you are interested, email me at stucchio@meshcapital.com. In your email, link me to your github/bitbucket/etc, and tell me the best hack you've seen this month.

San Francisco, CA


We're building a smart and lean team to develop a super duper exciting hosted log file management solution on Amazon. Our stack includes various AWS bits, syslog, Solr Cloud, Zookeeper, 0MQ, a bunch of Hadoopiness, various NoSQL datastores, Django, Javascript, absolutely no Flash, and one crazy ass beaver.

Think about REST APIs for all your logfiles.

We just got a new office with massive brick walls at 1st and Mission, and we're minutes away from the luxuries of downtown San Francisco.

We're well funded and well fed. Come join us.

Join and get a pet beaver while supplies last! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ivangonekrazy/4704574470/)

No ponies? ;)

London, UK.

Pre launch product, http://qwer.ly. Working on internet identity and disrupting the social media silos. Be the first employee. Rails experience. Looking for someone who is highly intelligent, fun, productive, ambitious, looking for a challenge at a startup. Can accomodate flexible hours/part-time work beside university or a soul-sucking job.

I've previously founded a successful startup and been an investor in a highly successful one. Three years VC experience, now back to the more exciting side of the table.

SF: Nowmov, YCW10 -- We need programmers! Come work at a tiny but well-funded YC startup near the ballpark. Our backend is built on top of Rails, redis, and Postgres, and our roadmap has more cool features than there are hours in the day. You'd have considerable scope to learn new technologies (if junior) or establish technical direction (if senior). We're particularly interested in your beautiful web apps; concrete experience in machine learning; or strong Ruby/Rails skills. Mail jobs+hn@nowmov.com for more info.

Berlin, Germany

sofatutor (http://www.sofatutor.com/) is hiring Ruby/Rails developers in Berlin, Germany. We're building a subscription-based video platform for education videos, launched about a year ago, and closed a financing round a few months ago. We're still a small but very motivated team and are now looking to grow our technical team to build out features, infrastructure etc.

Send an email to me, colin@sofatutor.com, if you are interested, know anyone who might be or simply want to know more.

Fog Creek Software - NYC

We are currently hiring:

  Software developer    
  Web Designer/User Experience Guru    
  System administrator    
  Release manager    
See http://www.fogcreek.com/Careers.html for details and to apply.

Washington, DC - SB Nation is hiring Ruby/Rails developers:


We're a network of 250+ sports news sites & communities. Our small product team develops the custom publishing platform (built on Rails) that powers all the sites. Our investors include Accel Partners, Allen & Company, and Comcast Interactive Capital. We get around 9 million unique visitors monthly.

Some recent press:

* NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/07/business/media/07fans.html

* Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab: http://www.niemanlab.org/2010/06/sb-nation-ceo-on-how-were-f...

* Dan Shanoff: http://www.danshanoff.com/2010/06/sb-nation-goes-big-with-lo...

We don't have a job description up for this yet, but we're also looking for an awesome technical project manager. If you're interested, send email to: jobs at sbnation dot com

Though we're based in DC (in sweet offices in Dupont Circle), we are open to remote people.

And here is our CrunchBase profile FWIW:


New York, NY


We're hiring a lead designer to work alongside Dave.

We're in Lower Manhattan with a beautiful office in SoHo.

Sorry, no dev positions open at the moment.

Los Angeles, CA :

We're looking for Linux sysadmins, this is an entry level position, ideal for someone with a little, but not too much real world Linux experience. (read: not the highest pay, but a great learning experience).

Additionally we're looking for Rails contractors for steady part time work, preferably in the LA area, but if you're remote that would be fine as well. Contact me at andrew@andrewvc.com and I'll make sure to route the mail to those in charge of hiring.

Would you also accept an application as a sysadmin coming from Austria?

Unfortunately not, we're looking to fill the position quickly, and it'd be too hard to work that out internationally. Sorry!

Boston/Cambridge, MA: Demiurge Studios, where I work, is a medium (30-40 person) game development studio and we're looking for software engineers. We often hire people who don't have much game dev experience, but we love the hacker mindset, and C++ experience is important. We have several console game projects going right now, from downloadable to AAA and across several different genres.

Burbn - San Francisco (Dogpatch Labs) - burbn.com

Recently funded by Andreessen Horowitz and Baseline Ventures -- Burbn is looking to reinvent how we communicate and share in the real world. Life is a series of experiences - we're building the tools to capture those experiences and consume them in real time.

We're looking for folks with unparalleled smarts in engineering and design. For the engineers out there: objective-c focus with ability to hop over to python and hack is a plus. Designers: understanding the real world mobile experience and being able to drive design decisions with this in mind is a must.

Read more about us here: http://techcrunch.com/2010/03/05/burbn-funding/ http://mobile.venturebeat.com/2010/03/09/burbn/

Currently we have a team of two in San Francisco's Dogpatch labs - one ex-googler and one ex-meeboer.

Ambitious folks wanted: Send your info to jobs@burbn.com

NYC (SoHo)

Xtify, Inc.

Website: http://www.xtify.com

Cross-OS regular push and location-triggered push notifications and campaign management platform.

We're looking for Java software developers and/or interns.

More details: http://www.startuply.com/Jobs/System_Software_Engineer_1165_...

jobs AT xtify DOT com

London, UK. News Corporation.

Best project in the country at the moment, especially if you care about the future of Publishing. I need Java Developers, Interface Developers, App Developers of any flavours and an XSLT Guru. And I'm not making this up. It really is the best project in the country. Ping @McBoof if this tickles your fancy.

TweetDeck Inc. (http://www.tweetdeck.com)

We're in London, UK and are looking for people to fill a umber of roles - Backend, Desktop and Mobile Engineers as well as a finance and admin person.

Check out http://www.tweetdeck.com/jobs

San Francisco, CA


We're building the uTorrent client, creating secure and private web services and hacking javascript. There are a lot of positions open, so take a look and see if anything's interesting (programming as well as product).

Boston, MA Cadio - http://www.cadiomobile.com/ Looking for software engineer to join founding team

We're a funded startup with a basic product and a few high-profile customers. We're looking to add 1-2 more engineers to our founding team.

In a nutshell, our product gathers and analyzes GPS data from mobile phones to better understand what consumers do in the real world. Web analytics are essential to any online business and we believe location analytics will be for any business with a physical presence.

The ideal person will love coding, statistics, location data, and mobile. We use a lot of different technologies (Python, Java, schema-less databases, AWS, a little Matlab, ...) and are looking for people who can pick up new things quickly.

It's going to be a great ride; join us!

Drew Volpe CTO, Cadio drew+hn@cadiomobile.com

Monetate is hiring - Conshohocken (Philly burb). We're a SAAS provider of testing, targeting and personalization tools (i.e. segmentation, A/B testing, MVT) to internet retailers.

We've got existing high-volume customers. We're small and we're growing fast. We're hiring engineering talent - we work with Javascript, Python, Django, Closure, MySQL, NoSQL, and all sorts of AWS in EC2. Ideally you'll have some great background in some of those areas but really we're looking for smart, motivated people regardless of expertise.

Backed by First Round. We're only looking for local people at this point.

What I love about working here is that I'm surrounded by really smart people and I get real feedback from our clients on everything we put out.

Feel free to email me tjanofsky monetate com.

Edinburgh, Scotland: FreeAgent Central are looking for Ruby developers http://bit.ly/aCSgRF

I'm currently an intern for them and I must say it's an awesome place to work.

Can't recommend working here enough :-)

Boston/Cambridge - PatientsLikeMe - Rails Engineer

PatientsLikeMe provides medical insights for people with life-changing, chronic illness using complex data analysis and visualizations. More info here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMSGP2ONfBc

Work with brilliant people to solve hard problems in a startup big enough to be stable, but small enough to give you a huge amount of freedom. Latest Rails technologies, 20% time in one-week blocks, remote/work-at-home days standard.


Pune, India.

Job title: Software Artisan

Technologies: Clojure, Python, MongoDB, Amazon AWS, JavaScript

Company: Infinitely Beta (http://infinitelybeta.com)

More info: http://bit.ly/ibt-hackers-wanted

yay! an Indian startup with decent tech and great people. Must be a first here. If I weren't so busy, I'd have applied.

Ravi, Many thanks for your compliments :) Email me, I will give you a link to our prototype - b.ghose at infinitelybeta.com

definitely refreshing to see an indian start up on this list with a respectable list of hackers. looking forward to seeing what you've got cooking..

BioWare Austin is still hiring local Drupal/PHP developers to help build the game/web integration for Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO.

We've had something of a hard time finding people, so we're considering training up junior people, now, too.

We're also still looking for a front-end HTML/CSS/JS person, too.

The openings are here, under "Marketing:" http://www.bioware.com/bioware_info/jobs/austin_jobs/

They're contract jobs, so no relocation is provided for, but they're a year long, so you wouldn't have to look for something new right away.

If you apply, email me (vmiliano at that domain name) with your resume so I can it in the hiring manager's hands.

San Francisco

Engine Yard Inc.

I'm looking for a few good hackers to join my team working closely with me personally on exciting new cloud related projects. We have some killer projects in the works that are true game changers in the cloud space and I want you to join my team.

You must be a hacker and live in the bay area or be willing to relocate here. This job is fun and you get to work with all the latest technologies related to cloud, nosql, ruby on rails, sinatra ruby in general. rubinius , jruby and tons of other killer projects. Trust me this job is kick ass.

Are you kick ass enough to come play? If you think you got the chops email me at ez@engineyard.com and let's talk

Palo Alto, CA

Mingle Media is a well funded startup currently looking for backend python/django developers and a strong frontend developer. We're building a vertical ad network on top of some web properties, the first of which is mingle.com.

The team is currently < 10 people, so you'd have a huge impact on what we're building and shaping the early culture of the company. It's also a great place to learn from successful entrepreneurs and play with interesting new technology (Cassandra, gevent, tornado, etc). I'm a developer there, drop me a line at dave@mingle.com if you have questions and I can forward your info upstream.

LinkedIn is hiring. See http://www.linkedin.com/static?key=jobs for all open jobs.

I work on this team: http://sna-projects.com/sna/ that powers LinkedIn's search, analytics, and network. We've released 8 open source projects so far, including Project Voldemort. I specifically work on the Social Graph, and we're big users of Scala. LinkedIn will hire a few hundred more people this year, and the Social Graph team is currently looking for two great engineers!

Please contact me if you have questions.

London, UK. And maybe NYC.

Best project in the world for News Corp. Java Developers (with CMS skillz), Architects, Interface Developers (JavaScript/CSS/HTML 5). A XSLT genius would be nice too.

Permies best, but contractors considered too.

Ping @McBoof on Twitter.

Leeds, UK

I am Tom Williams, Lead Engineer at Dubit Limited (we're here: http://dubitplatform.com), and I'm looking for many devs. We'll look at anyone from Uni graduates to people with years of experience, the only prerequisite is you've got to be a passionate coder! You'll get much kudos for community involvement though, even more so if it's on something exceptionally cool. In return we promise to get you a cake for your birthday, and as much scooter action as you can handle.

San Francisco, California

Triggit is hiring engineers of all types. We are looking for ruby, hadoop, C++, and engineers who like to work at huge scale (100,000+ requests a second). We are in the exploding demand side platform space of display advertising and the company has been growing at 200% a month for the last six months. Come get in early on a fast growing company and space (one of our competitors just sold for over 100 mil). We are venture funded by top tier VCs and angels. Email me directly zach@triggit.com

The New York Times has a number of open positions, about 10, in software engineering, web development and others.


Ping me if you'd like to know more.

Chicago (Arlington Heights), IL

Restaurant.com is hiring a Senior Software Engineer (Primarily .Net) and a Senior Database Administrator (SQL Server 2005/2008). We are a .com and PROFITABLE, employ 175 people, and represent about 15,000 restaurants. We are growing like crazy and in need of some really good developers with a broad spectrum of skills (TSQL to Code to UI) who can hit the ground running. We move very quickly here with a minimum of bureaucracy...good place to work if you don't mind the pace.

Main Job Postings (But Not Comprehensive. You can post your resume here anyway or email it to jobs@restaurant.com) http://www.careerbuilder.com/Jobs/Company/C8D2BZ6VY90T51SPJD...

Couple of notes:

- If you apply as Senior Level make sure you are truly Senior. Too many applicants present themselves as expert but really aren't even close. We are willing to hire a mid-level developer so just present yourself as such.

- If you aren't passionate about development you won't like it here.

- If you are coming from a large corporate environment be sure you can handle less bureaucratic structure. Job roles are fluid and you are expected to step in when you are needed. If you have ever said,"That is not in my job description." you might not be a good fit.

( If you can't tell I don't work for HR :) ).

In all seriousness if you live in the area and are at all interested please contact me directly if you have any questions. I am not an HR person (Sr. Software Engineer) so you won't get any varnish from me.


Cambridge, MA - HubSpot is looking for software engineers. We're a rapidly growing marketing software startup that has just been named the top midsize company to work in Boston. Software engineer job description here: http://www.hubspot.com/careers/?nl=1&jvi=oiAcVfwJ,Job... - feel free to email me (jbredeche@hubspot.com) for more information, etc.

Boston (Newton): TripAdvisor.

We can finally talk about what we've built: http://www.google.com/search?q=trip+friends

Come help make social networks and Facebook apps useful at a crazy profitable company. If you're interested in running your own startup, this is a great place to learn: kickass SEO, a crazy smart CEO, large & complex project, engaged & fun coworkers.

We're looking for project managers and developers at all levels.

London UK - youDevise, a small financial-software firm committed to learning and improvement as well as great web software, is hiring developers and other smart folks of many kinds. See https://dev.youdevise.com and http://www.youdevise.com/careers. No remote working, but we will assist with relocation for the right person.

San Francisco, CA - Blurb - http://blurb.com

We're looking for Rails developers.

We help people tell their story by making books (using print-on-demand technology and bookstore-quality binding). Everyone I've ever shown one to has gushed over how great they look.

We are a growing and profitable startup with a lot of more exciting stuff to come - come join us!


London, UK or remote (iPhone dev) @ well funded startup

Pre-launch iPhone/iPad/webapp. Helping designers share their creations easily. iPhone experience required. We’re looking for someone creative with a great attention to detail and passion for excellent UX. If you’re ambitious and looking for a challenge, to work on a new product from scratch. This is it.

Contract position with potential to turn into a full time job offer. Contact founders@appspark.us

Within a month or two, I'll be relocating from Kansas to San Francisco to (hopefully) help a startup do great things in a Software Engineer or Web Developer role. I'll be in the Bay Area from today (in KC airport now) until Sunday for interviews. My resume can be found at http://drop.io/benresume. If anyone has any interest/info, email me at bengoering@gmail.com

37signals is hiring for customer service / support. http://jobs.37signals.com/jobs/6873

Toronto - current open positions for Rubyists and/or HAML/SASS front-end devs to work on Hot or Not. http://www.hotornot.com/

Hot or Not is part of Avid Life Media http://www.avidlifemedia.com/ - we've got multiple brands and are always looking for smart people based in or near Toronto.

wilson at almlabs.com

Ticketsolve in Dublin, Ireland are hiring. Ideally looking for onsite permanent - but will look at contract and remote working. Current team is based in Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh and Berlin.

Job descriptions from this post still apply.



Nature Publishing Group (www.nature.com, www.scientificamerican.com) is hiring a systems administrator. Linux, J2EE+rails apps, memcache, marklogic, puppet, zenoss, etc.

The posting will be up shortly at http://www.nature.com/npg_/work/index.html but you can contact me at my profile address for details in the meantime.



Job Titles: Web Application Developer and Data Product Developer

We're looking for smart programmers for two types of positions to work on and with our application. Our core system, which is a distributed analytics engine, is built in a functional language with strong list processing capabilities and heritage (K, which has come up on HN a couple times) and our front-end is web-based rich application built with JS. We particularly want people who have an interest in functional languages and web apps.

The web position is very heavy on JS, so we're looking for someone who deeply understands "the good parts" and knows how to negotiate the bad parts (we have clients who use some older browsers).

The data position involves both writing code and doing analysis on data using our system, which is the fastest out there (i.e. we can process queries on billions of records in seconds), so it's pretty exciting. We're looking for swiss-army programmers for these positions.

If you're interested, email jobs at 1010data dot com and mention this post.

Bay Area, CA

We're hiring at iTeleport (http://www.iteleportmobile.com).

iTeleport is an app for accessing your desktop remotely from your iPhone/iPad. It's been in the Top 100 Grossing iPhone/iPad apps several times over the past couple of years. We now have a revenue stream that gives us a runway of several years to expand on the vision and build a whole bunch of other cool stuff (http://www.iteleportmobile.com/vision).

We're looking for "hackers with a heart" -- great hackers who want to build technology that contributes to a profitable business, and who also want to spend some of their time working on great non-profit projects with social impact. We've been working with a couple of non-profits in the area over the past couple of weeks, which has been a lot of fun and really rewarding.

Send us an email at work@iteleportmobile.com with why you think you'd be an awesome fit.

San Francisco - Appsaurus

We build crazy awesome recommendation algorithms to change the way people find things on the web.

We're backed by Mitch Kapor, Harrison Metal and YC.

Looking for: Machine Learning Specialist, Lead UI/UX Designer, Senior Mobile Dev (iPhone, Android), Senior User Acquisition/Marketing.

More info: http://appsaurus.com/jobs

New Hope, PA http://myyearbook.com

One of the top 25 most trafficked sites in the US according to Comscore and still very start-up minded with how we do things. We're about 45 minutes north of Philadelphia and 1.5 hours south of New York, right by where George Washington crossed the Delaware river to attack Trenton in 1776. It's a really cool place to work and a great change of pace from some of the more busy tech hubs. I'm a transplant from Los Angeles.

Engineering at scale is a fun challenge and it's good for honing ones skills with a great, dedicated team of bright, energetic and close-knit people.

We're hiring for full-time on-site positions for iPhone developers, Android developers, Web developers (PHP,Python,JavaScript(jQuery)) and Project Managers. Drop me an email at gmr@myyearbook.com letting me know you saw this and I'll forward on to HR.

Toronto, Ontario - Demac Media is looking for Sr. PHP/MySql developers, preferably with experience in Magento Commerce. We are looking for Canadian developers, so if you don't live in Toronto don't worry as this is a virtual/work-from-wherever position. Contact mbertulli at[@] demacmedia.com if interested.

Cambridge, UK - InterMine

We're looking for a web developer with great UI design skills to work on InterMine - a platform becoming widely adopted among academic genomics databases for flexible query & analysis of biological data.


Seattle, WA (downtown) - www.bluegecko.net

Blue Gecko (a managed database services company) is looking for a junior to intermediate MySQL DBA. We're a smallish (< 50 folks) company who has been in this space since 2001. Our corporate culture is very remote-work friendly and flexible.

Questions? mikeh<whirlpool>bluegecko.net

Mountain View, California

Simply Hired (http://www.simplyhired.com)

Are you having a hard time finding a job? Have ideas for how to make job search better? That is exactly the problem that Simply Hired is trying to solve.

We are looking for outstanding PMs and ninja developers to take our product to the next level.

If you like In-N-Out, they are located 2 minutes away. And to work off that animal-style cheeseburger and vanilla shake, we offer subsidized gym memberships to an amazing gym (2 minutes away--but in the other direction from In-N-Out).

Take a look at current openings: http://jobvite.com/m?3isAWfw0

We also hire beyond our official list of openings. Tweet us a haiku (@simplyhired) for why you want to work for Simply Hired if there isn't an official opening, but you would love to apply.

Hire me!

Bloomberg definitely is hiring all over the world. But if you like working around Princeton, NJ and if you got Python and Oracle skillz, there's one team that could definitely use you:


The full list: http://careers.bloomberg.com/hire/experiencesearch.html Filter to R&D. We are mainly hiring in NY, NJ and London. It's a great place to work. Regardless of the problem domain you prefer, there is something interesting to do.

Good point, was a bit selfish on my part, I'll admit :). Good place to work, agreed.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

We're looking for an engineer to join our backend development team and work on our architecture and cool new features. (Mostly working with Postgres, Ruby, Queueing systems, AWS and of course Rails.)

Have a great place in the city center of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. it's a permanent on-location job.

San Francisco, CA

Metamoki.com https://www.jobscore.com/jobs/metamoki/gamesoftwareengineer/...

We're hiring (two) generalist software engineers who love to work on games.

We're self-funded (think Valve)... so no VCs or Boards to force the wrong incentives (like hire too many people too quickly or subsequent layoffs). We believe in work-life balance (leave at 5-6pm) yet our team accomplishes monumental projects in short timespans (minimal overhead = maximal productivity). If you want to build fun projects without bureaucracy, this is the place to be.

We run lean, employ various Agile techniques, and utilize continuous deployment. No telecommuters please.

HNers can email me at van@metamoki.com for referral (and cut in line) or for more information.

San Francisco, CA

Square (https://squareup.com/jobs)

We're hiring for server engineering (ruby and javascript), site operations (unix, puppet and building out our datacenter), design (visual and ux) and support folks.

I'm on the server team, so I'll talk about that position. We're doing agile in a pretty serious way and using it to solve really interesting financial problems. We pair program almost 100% of the time, TDD always, and use Pivotal Tracker to schedule our iterations. We're using Rails, Resque, Cucumber, Rspec and Jasmine. The server team is tight knit and really a lot of fun.

We're looking for pragmatic software engineers to join us. Preferably people with Ruby experience. You must be excited about TDD and pairing. The mohawk thing on the job site is totally optional.

My company, Adap.tv is looking for a smart software engineer. We are a San Mateo, CA based company working in the online video advertising space. As a software engineer at adap.tv, you will be working to design and build infrastructure and partner-facing applications with significant complexity. We use the latest frameworks and tools--Spring, Hibernate, etc.--when appropriate, but we're also not afraid to roll our own when necessary. Recent projects of ours have included building a forecasting tool for our brand-new video ad marketplace product and scaling our data processing and analytics system to handle millions of events per day. http://adap.tv/about/careers/SoftwareEngineer.html

Mountain View, CA.

RethinkDB (rethinkdb.com/jobs)

We're building a database for solid state drives, and are working on hard core technology - a highly asynchronous, high throughput system, with concurrency control algorithms, garbage collection, and lots of other neat components you won't get to build anywhere else.

Sarasota, FL - But definitely not my company. Even though we are hiring, I was reprimanded last time I posted to a Who Is Hiring thread. However, if you are in this near-paradise of white sandy beaches (no oil!), and need work, reply and we'll figure something out.

You got reprimanded for trying to find good talent? Sounds like a great place to work...

I work for music technology company in the SF Bay area called Gracenote: http://www.gracenote.com/

We're hiring like crazy, especially DB people: http://tbe.taleo.net/NA1/ats/careers/searchResults.jsp?org=G...

It's been great here... there are about 120+ people working here in Emeryville, 200 worldwide. The company is now a part of Sony, but Sony is very hands off. It still feels like a growing startup and things are still very 'loose' (in a good way). Motivated people will have no problem finding interesting extra things to do.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you want any more details: greg7gkb at gmail daught com

Thanks! -Greg

The taleo.net link appears to be broken

(error on the server: "An error occurred in our system while processing your task. Please confirm whether your task has been completed. If not, please try again.")

I am a recruiter in the Quant Trading space, we have a few clients hiring: C++ NYC/Bay Area - Should be very good in OOP with a couple years of experience in finance or large software projects.

C++/Quant Chicago - Should have solid statistics or computer science background (MS or Ph.D.) with very strong C++/STL.

Python Chicago - Support traders developing analytics. Fast paced, must be great at Python and very comfortable in Linux administration.

Linux Admin NY/LA - Preferably coming from a trading systems (finance) background. Strong shell, Perl or Python, and guru level linux admin experience in a distributed environment.

Interviews for these positions are brutal, but if you feel your the best guy at your current house, I'd love to talk to you. trent.krupp@constitutionllp.com

NYC (Meatpacking)


We're hiring a product design lead and front end developer.

We're running on Rails/Heroku/S3. Small, but fun team in a great location.

See the job post at http://jumppo.st/bqCUJv

Salt Lake City, Utah

www.soleranetworks.com We are hiring, the site may not list these positions, but we are looking to fill Kernel Developers, System Developers (linux), and Front-end UI (PHP & Javascript) Developers. Also have a tech support job open.

Quintel Intelligence is hiring Senior Ruby developers in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are developing an international Energy Transition Model involving cutting-edge algorithms.

Send an email to me, dennis.schoenmakers@quintel.com if you are interested.

Do you have any internships for IT students in the Netherlands by any chance?

Techcrunch going on an all-out hiring spree, mostly in SF. Both technical and non-technical positions available.


Search for Techcrunch to obtain the listings.

Rypple (http://rypple.com) in Toronto is hiring an Inside Sales Rep.

We're offering an iPad for a successful referral.


Note: This is really isn't a job post, so forgive me for posting it here, but I don't think there's a better place for it.

Location: Anywhere

I am looking for a number of freelance web designers and developers, around 10-12, with skills varying from web design, to interface design, to web and app development (frontend, backend, iphone, etc).

Each individual must be willing to contact, visit, and negotitate with prospective local clients.

I am a freelance designer who is just starting out. My objective is to form a collaborative web development firm where we all benefit from each of our specialization and our local reach.

Anyone interested can email me at alexwyser@gmail.com

Boston, MA -- www.flipkey.com

Fun company to work for that's located downtown right near the Downtown Crossing stop. We're a UNIX shop using PHP and Python mostly.

Send me your resume to my username on this site at flipkey.com if you're interested.


SocialSci is hiring two science minded RoR devs to help bring academic research online.

We save researchers time and money by bringing their scientific surveys (drag/drop, pdf upload, and visual response) online. We have developed a full suite of scientific tools and linked them to an anonymous, honest, and payable group of participants.

The team is currently 4 strong (2 dev, 1 biz/scientist, 1 academic sales), but we want to bump it up to 6.

Recently seed funded (we can pay you actual money / equity), graduated Tech Stars Boston, and now work out of Dog Patch Labs (Cambridge).

If interested, shoot me an email at leon@socialsci.com


Citrix Online - makers of GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToMyPC and more, is hiring.

Close to three dozen open positions in the US (Santa Barbara and San Francisco CA, and NJ), Bangalore and Dresden in Engineering, from Software Engineers (C++ and Java) to QA to User Experience to Linux System Admins to Database Engineers.


If interested, you can feel free to apply at the URL above - also send me an email at the address in my profile so I can give you my name to put down as a referral.

I can say that GoToWebinar is not the best product. I've used it about 4 times to attend a webinar and there usually is some problem or another (Degraded audio, no audio, getting disconnected.) The organizers of that specific webinar also expressed their dissatisfaction with GoToWebinar.

It would be better to report problems to Citrix rather than in this thread where they are completely off topic.

I think this is very relevant: I would personally avoid applying for a position in a company with a very problematic product.

Cambridge, England - Zeus Technology Ltd.

Have graduate software engineer, software engineer and senior software engineer roles and we are hiring immediately. Please send CVs/Resumes to me careers at zeus.com


Los Altos, CA (Silicon Valley). Several friends and former colleagues of mine have created a new (and funded) startup -- see http://www.wimm.com for a bit of details and job openings.

Unfortunately their web site is all Flash (just noticed -- I'll talk to them about that) so I can't link to the jobs page. They're looking for Rails developers, Android developers, and others as well. As I said, I know most of the main folks there, and they are quite smart, experienced, and enjoyable to work with/for.

Most of the companies at White Bear Yard (http://whitebearyard.com/, the East End, London, UK) are looking for interns. Market spaces; real-time social sports gaming (Picklive), gambling and prediction markets (Smarkets), reactive/generative music (Rjdj), and last-but-not-least, statistics/public data/market data (Timetric).

In particular, if you're a trainee journalist looking for a different summer gig, and you're into statistics, we'd like to talk to you. Email me: andrew@timetric.com.

Indianapolis, IN

Angie's List - angieslist.com

The sales shpeal: "Angie’s List is a consumer-driven organization that collects customer satisfaction ratings on local service companies in more than 400 categories. We provide an exclusive list of these companies based on feedback from local consumers who know who to turn to when the gray clouds of disrepair loom. It's the word-of-mouth network solidified into one handy "who can I call" list. We now have over 1,000,000 members and get 40,000 new reviews each month!"

We're hiring in marketing, ad sales, and some IT positions.

Mountain View, CA TinyPrints is looking to hire for a wide range of positions from Product Managers to Marketing Analysts, and specifically Software Engineers and QA Engineers. We're a LAMP(hp) shop, with frontend development in Javascript, CSS/HTML. Our engineers work on a wide range of problems, including facebook integration, mobile, graphics, automation, optimizing order routing algorithms, migration to html5, CMS, etc. Send your resume to BeAStar@tinyprints.com and make sure your subject line says HackerNews

NYC (flatiron) www.proclivitysystems.com

We do algorithms that analyze consumer behavior and predict what they'll want a month from now. If you like math, big data or just good engineering, drop us a line.

San Diego, CA (Downtown) - Awarepoint - awarepoint.com

We're looking to add a junior-to-midlevel Java developer to our applications team. We work mostly on web applications and APIs, and we're starting to move our web-tier to Python.

Awarepoint is a realtime location company currently focused on healthcare. Our system can show you a top-down map of every tagged object in a facility through the use of an RF mesh network. It's a really neat system, and we get to use it to solve interesting problems.

Email me at bgilmore@awarepoint.com if you're interested.

New York OR San Francisco, USA.

doubleTwist is hiring Android engineers. Info at http://doubletwist.com. Email resumes to chris at doubletwist dot com.


Context Optional is looking for great web app developers.

We are seeking experienced developers to build interactive applications on Facebook. As an “App Genius”, you’ll not only be responsible for software development but also aspects of project management, client/account management and product management.

On the backend we primarily use Rails. Oh, and we are profitable.

See all our job postings here: http://www.contextoptional.com/2009/job-facebook-application...

San Jose, CA (Santana Row)

Bunchball (http://www.bunchball.com/careers)

We provide gamification (points, levels, leaderboards, virtual goods, achievements, etc.) as a web service to companies including NBC, Hearst, Comcast, WB, Hasbro, USA Network and more. The market is growing rapidly and we're growing with it.

We're looking for software engineers and a senior operations engineer. Good group of people, interesting product, great location, hot market.

Rajat Paharia (founder, Chief Product Officer)

Soho, London

iPlatform Ltd

We're expanding our team of developers to work both on interactive games and apps on Facebook for big brand clients, and also to work on Conversocial, a Python/Django SaaS tool to help companies manage conversations with their customers across social platforms. We're a bootstrapped start-up, have gone from 2 to 10 people in two years and now looking to grow fast. We buy lunch for everyone every day;p


NYC (soho)


Like OpenTable, but for doctors.

We are a successful and rapidly growing startup, run by people who have run successful startups before. It's a fun atmosphere, the work is very challenging and technical, and there are a lot of brilliant people working here.

We are hiring in all areas -- engineering, sales, marketing, and operations.

You can apply via our website (and mention that you came from hacker news)

And if you need to see a doctor in nyc, sf, chicago, or dc, try our service!

We're a very early stage Boston-area startup that's rethinking place-based networking on the internet. We have a team of three developers and are about to launch a proof-of-concept site, and we're looking for two more developers with either design or database experience. Rails experience a plus.

We'd like to have you in Boston, and we can offer travel and living expenses plus a stipend. Send an email to jon [at] commonplace [dot] in and let me know what you've worked on.

Mountain View, Toronto, work from home

Mozilla! http://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Jobs.aspx?c=qpX9Vfwa

We're hiring just about any position you can think of. Webdev, analytics, C++, IT/sysadmin, security, QA, etc.

Mozilla's mission is to promote openness, innovation, and opportunity on the web. Lots of technical challenges, smart people, great environment and you get to make the Internet a better place.

Long Island, NY - General Sentiment is hiring a software engineer for our backend system. We use Hadoop, Cassandra and EC2. Email jobs@generalsentiment.com

Yelp is hiring for everything from web development to machine learning and data mining (the stuff I work on). It's a great place to work -- a smart, small team, a fun culture, the usual startup perks, and a great office in the middle of San Francisco.

Backchannel me (email is in my profile) and I'll put your resume in the system, or visit: http://www.yelp.com/careers

Alphonso Labs (the makers of Pulse News for the iPad) is looking for iPhone and Android app developers. If you have other skills we might be interested in, shoot us an email.

We have four people currently working in downtown Palo Alto, but are expanding fast to push out some clean and elegant UI design.

Website: http://www.alphonsolabs.com/ Contact: cc@alphonsolabs.com


The team telecommutes from LA, New Haven and Buffalo/Ithaca.

Its an essay editing site poised to make admissions essay editing more of a commodity by connecting applicants directly with editors.

The alpha is approaching positive cash flow, and we are crafting the beta right now. We are a very early stage startup and are looking for people that can do both front end and back end development and are interested in equity.

Huddle (London, UK) are looking for .NET Developers of all levels http://bit.ly/9EI7M4

You guys doing anything with visas? I'm a very experienced .NET dev looking to work in the UK.

I've got 5 or six people looking for web developers here in Pittsburgh. All funded startups. Mostly Rails, a bit of Django, some PHP.

I'm assuming you've already posted up the appropriate Carnegie Mellon mailing lists?

Is anyone looking for people to fill industrial research positions, i.e. jobs where one of the goals is to publish research papers?

Splunk, SF, CA, two blocks from the Embarcadero.

Python engineer. Fantastic product, very successful, four kegs at work.

We hired someone from one of these threads.

lanstein yahoo com

Miami, FL (Blue Lagoon) - CareCloud - http://www.carecloud.com

We have some great Ruby, Flex and Front-End development positions open at the moment.

If anyone is interested, they can contact me directly: mcuesta@carecloud.com or visit http://www.carecloud.com

Barracuda Networks in Ann Arbor, MI is hiring:


They also have an upcoming career fair:


Austin, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, Nashville, TN Microsoft SQL Server - Technical Sales position No cold calling - just advising buyers on what to buy and answering questions http://www.xtremeconsulting.com/position.aspx?emid=209

Why the downvotes? Not angry, just curious.

Washington DC area and Tampa, FL

White Oak Technologies

Openings available for software engineers, web developers and database architects. Details at: http://www.woti.com/jobs.cfm

Applicants must be U.S. citizens and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information.

Questions? bschneiders@woti.com

Paris (France) - Submate ( http://submate.com ) is looking for a RoR developer in Paris. Submate is a young startup, and we plan to close our seed round of financing during before the end of the summer.

If you want more infos you can reach me by e-mail : jonathan(at)submate.com

Playfish are hiring Java developers in London, SF, Tromso (Norway) and Beijing: http://www.playfish.com/?page=jobs

I can't speak for the other offices but we've got a great friendly and intelligent bunch of guys and girls on the team here in London.

Seattle, WA (Lower Queen Anne)

Cheezburger Network is looking for an experienced software developer to help us with our publishing, commerce, and community software. C#/ASP.NET.

We're a healthy, growing company with interesting tech and great people. Srsly.


Richmond, VA INMUnited is hiring. We do Ruby on Rails and iPhone development mainly, and are looking for a senior developer with experience delivering large projects, although we'd love to hear from any devs who read Hacker News :D

I'm Bob, you can contact me at the email address in my profile.

OC - California


We are an AV component manufacturer looking for front end developers to design GUIs for our products using web technologies (HTML/CSS/js). You can email me your resume. justin at hallresearch.

San Francisco -- I'm hiring for a good product marketing / product manager - http://solutions.liveperson.com - no job desc up yet, so just email me at jschorzman@liveperson.com if interested.

Palo Alto, CA

Think - We're working on FaceCash, a mobile payment system.


Here's the job application link:


Waltham, MA - Isovera is hiring Drupal developers and a business development manager. We're a web consulting firm that does all kinds of cool projects. See http://www.isovera.com/careers

Bay Area, CA Grid Dynamics is looking for: a Java engineer to join an existing team working on an extreme throughput e-commerce offering. A client architect to handle multiple projects in cloud computing space. See out LinkedIn page for details.

Boston, MA


We're an early stage company entering growth mode. We're looking for a developer who's excited to solve both technical and business challenges. If this sounds interesting, email me at brendan at wistia.

Location: Mountain View, CA Company: coupons.com

We are looking for: - Sr. Database Developer - Sr. Network Engineer - Sr. Software Engineer - Web QA Engineer - Web Tools Development Engineer - Release Engineer - Sr. Product Manager

Email your resume to esemerda@coupons.com

Mountain View, CA

23andMe is looking for software engineers, designers, and PM's interested in working with a world-class team to build breakthrough products.


Anywhere East Coast.

HiiDef, creator of Flavors.me and the soon to be released Goodsie.com, is looking for Django developers. We're an incubator of sorts, so you would work on several projects at the same time.

Contact me at johnwehr@hiidef.com.

Jena, Germany

We are currently scaling up our development team. Looking for app developers for mobile phones (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone) or good generalists.


SF, Mtn View, LA, NYC, etc... - Google is aggressively hiring. http://www.google.com/intl/en/jobs/locations/

Mount Laurel, NJ

Telvue (http://www.telvue.com/). We make broadcast video servers. We're looking for Ruby on Rails developers with Linux experience.

Dublin, Ireland

Paddy Power is hiring 2 Ruby on Rails developers: http://workwithpaddy.com/search.php - enter keyword "Ruby"

Caring.com is hiring: http://www.caring.com/about/senior-developer.html

We're a ruby-on-rails shop.

NYC: Demdex is hiring for several positions. (http://www.demdex.com/Demdex_careers.html)

Melbourne, Australia - Software sales in the Hawthorn area.

Is there any manual testing jobs in PA?

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