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Data Scientists: do you still get to build stuff?
2 points by rice_otaku 274 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite
Hi all,

I am currently a SWENG at one of the big 4 in Japan and enjoy building things (especially on the back end). I am considering trying to transition into a Data Scientist role, but am unsure really what the role entails. Could anyone with experience in both roles talk a bit about how they differ, or what you miss about one role or the other?

Background: I took a MOOC 'specialization' on ML and really enjoyed it. I was planning to take a 'nanodegree' on a different site and then a few more clusters of courses on DL. I found out that coursera is offering an actual MCS in Data Science through the University of Illinois.


I figured since I was planning to study ML more, might as well add in stats, data mining, etc and get a degree for it (especially because I have a BA, not BS).

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