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HN (duh)

Youtube - as bad as certain aspects of YT are (eg, comments), there is a TON of great educational content on there, as well as music videos.

Reddit: Yes, the default subs are horrible, but there are a lot of great specialized subs as well.

Coursera: taking a couple of classes now


Facebook - not happy to admit this, but it's force of habit. :-(

news.google.com - news

arxiv.org/corr/home - CS papers

wral.com/weather - local weather

amazon.com - I'm on there either ordering books, adding stuff to my wishlist, or just looking up a book I might want to buy "one day", or checking on the status of an order, pretty much every day.

dilbert.com - lulz

phins.com/phins-urls.html - Dolphins news

digg.com/reader - feedz

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