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It depends on how much time I allocate to catching up on information before beginning another project or providing support/conducting research for clients.

goldprice.org to find out what is happening to this baseline.

yahoo.com for s&p, russell 2000 - market review

accuweather.com to get a prediction for upcoming weather.

bbc.com.uk for world service 5 minute bulletin

npr.org for 3 minute summary from one political perspective

drudgereport.com for another political perspective

dvorak.org for humor

here (hn) for IT-related info, trends/news - lower in this list due to possible time sync hazard

qz.com for their summary

rt.com for another summary

fee.org for economic/political discussion/inspiration

thefederalist.com for economic/political discussion/inspiration

mises.org for economic/political discussion/inspiration

dave.sobr.org for Dave's round up

zerohedge to see where conspiracy theory is heading (also outliers of factual trends)

antiwar.org for world political climate reporting

noagendanewsnetwork.com for conspiracy theory and factual trend outliers

a handful of comic websites for amusement including xkcd, questionablecontent, ScaryGoRound/Bad Machinery, DresdenKodak, GirlGenius, etc.

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