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For news/current events, Hacker News. I quit reddit a while ago, and most of the good stuff on Reddit appears elsewhere after a couple days.

For newsletters, I really enjoy Ruby Weekly and Javascript Weekly by Peter Cooper. There is always something new to read in Ruby Weekly. I also really like the MIT Technology Review. It's a daily email that is really well written with a bunch of insightful links.

Youtube channels is a hodgepodge of whatever I am currently into. In a similar vein, I am a big fan of GoRails.

For strict information gathering, I recently got an Audible subscription and love it. I listen to music while working, but Audible I save for while I'm commuting.

Looking at ones i frequent, I have noticed a pattern to pay for services I use. I am also a privacy badger/uBlock user, but I still prefer to pay for services if it means no ads or a better experience.

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