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Yeah this describes my habits as well. I used to think that reddit served a similar, though watered-down purpose that HN does. I've since accepted that Reddit is more entertainment for me, much as FB is. The comments section on popular submissions can be unbearable and it has especially been alienating with the Trump vs. Liberal hate/name-calling being spewed back and forth.

I think multi-reddits can be great, as you can isolate yourself from the mess of r/all, but unfortunately the comments sections on the subreddits I'm interested in are nowhere near parity with HN. Furthermore, the subreddits carry a lot of noise submissions that I feel aren't as strongly represented on the the front pages of HN.

Oddly, I have found YouTube has taken an increasingly large portion of my internet time. There are a ton of really informative, good quality education videos being pushed onto YT today, for example 3Blue1Brown's math content comes to mind [0]. However, the comments sections for most videos is maybe only millimeters above being worthless at best, and detracting on average.

[0] https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=3blue1brown

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