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Great comment. I would speculate that it's cognitive style that predicts that.

If you take the neurotypical to autistic spectrum, someone on the NT side will find that work that takes advantages of the NT cognitive style adds to their quality of life, and work that doesn't detracts from it. The same goes for people further on the aspie/autistic side.

Someone with an NT cognitive style might love working in finance or politics or sales but hate working in STEM. The opposite it true for those with an aspie/autistic style.

The last few decades of not the last century since the industrial revolution has seen the rise of well/paying in-demand jobs that appeal those with a cognitive style more on the aspie/autist end of the spectrum. I think a lot of those on the NT end of the spectrum who have typically been in a position of earning power for most of human history are starting to resent the fact that systems are being engineered that automate and devalue skills That those with an NT cognitive style excel at.

It also doesn't help that that the supply of thosewith an NT cognitive style greatly outnumber those with a more aspie/autistic style for reasons of millennia of sexual selection for NT traits.

I think it's quite natural to resent high earners doing a job that you either cannot do or would not enjoy doing.

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