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Party neutral?

They list MoveOn as a key partner: https://github.com/ProgressiveCoders/functions/issues/196

This document clearly states the organisation is founded by Berine Sanders supporters: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P8iL3kTWO0Y9aYe8lndcUWTJ...

And they built something called the "Resistance Calendar", containing events like: https://tockify.com/resistance.calendar/detail/384/149523120...

I mean for the most part it seems to be stuff I would support (personally), but to call it party neutral is at best true by way of technicality.

I doubt you find many Republican events on that calendar. Of course, I wouldn't expect to given the name of the group, but let's not play games and pretend it isn't partisan?

The non-profit is neutral because it will create applications for all party/political affiliation causes.

So it'll make an application that supports primarily republican causes too.

"Progressive" tends to mean "liberal."

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