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For those interested in this topic and how the opiate epidemic has stretched across the US, read Dreamland by Sam Quinones (https://www.amazon.com/Dreamland-True-Americas-Opiate-Epidem...)

There are a multitude of reasons to explain how this happened but to quickly sum up an excellent book:

- Purdue created the whole "sell-direct-to-doctor" phenomena that is now the norm in the US medical profession

- One bad study that showed opiates for pain relief are NOT addictive and this study kept being cited by sales people

- Mexican drug dealers from a very tiny area in Mexico importing black tar heroin

- A prevailing idea in the US that people should never be in pain and managing it through lifestyle changes is not acceptable; a quick fix is needed

- economic depression in the Midwest and Appalachia regions

But really, read the book. It's eye opening and well written.

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