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This is excellent. I've been thinking about making demos like this for my application lately.

Some comments:

* The textboxes to create a project should clear the text when I click on them or have nothing in them. Having to clear them myself was frustrating.

* The workflow needs to drop you on the next step. After I created my project I wasn't sure why I wasn't already seeing options to get going.

* It wasn't easy to clear out slides from my project. I ended up just deleting it and starting over on every mistake.

* Sharing didn't seem to require a password when I entered one.

* It wasn't really clear how to create the nice demo you made or just make the demo play automatically. The slide concept is interesting but if it just auto-played that might be better.

* I wasn't really sure what the first option I was presented with meant after I clicked edit.

* The screen could probably stand to be taller.

A very nice start and a good recording product. Well done. Keep it up.

great feedback, much appreciated!

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