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Show HN: Dharma – A Protocol for Decentralized, Peer-To-Peer Loans (dharma.io)
7 points by nahollander 243 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

> Default Deterrence

> In traditional retail lending schemes, borrowers are dissuaded from defaulting for fear of primarily two things: repercussions on their future creditworthiness, and legal actions forcing either a forfeiture of assets or bankruptcy. The Dharma Protocol replicates the first as part of the Risk-Assessment Attestation mechanism described above. However, the levers of the legal system will likely be unavailable to lenders in the Dharma ecosystem, given the challenges inherent to employing legal resources in the context of international lending and, especially, developing world lending.

With no collateral, I'm not sure how this can really work.

i like the idea of reshaping what we currently think of being credit worthy in a decentralized world. this is a early start but we are now seeing smart contracts come into the fore.

edit: i hope you are taking into account the mistakes and lessons learned from the DAO attack.

this platform/protocol is aiming to reimplement the consumer credit, loan origination, and trust worthiness system that other smart contacts would depend on for their services.

Thank you for doing this. I love the initiative.

Also, your whitepaper is black. That's much better.

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