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Then wait until you see how caddy handles fully qualified domain names!

Caddy will just refuse to even handle them.

Every single other server on this planet handles them properly, but caddy doesn’t – and mholt considers that working as intended.

Try out: https://www.google.co.uk./ https://www.microsoft.com./en-us/ https://www.amazon.com./ serve the page directly; https://www.facebook.com./ redirects to the relative domain

and then https://caddyserver.com./ (That said, traefik is equally dumb, as seen with https://traefik.io./ )

Is there a bug for this? That's out of spec

Yes there is, @mholt said it’s a WONTFIX. You're supposed to script it yourself.


I submitted the issue for it (https://github.com/mholt/caddy/issues/1632) and it was immediately closed. Reason (after asking): we only keep issues open that are on our TODO list.

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