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dagw on May 19, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite

TL;DR - The film was playing in the wrong aspect ratio for 10 minutes, people booed, and they restarted it with the correct aspect ratio. The Netflix logo did draw some boos on both starts... but people cheered the technical problem getting fixed, and the film received warm applause at the end.

Sheesh, even the BBC is using clickbait headlines now?!? I've lived too long.

BBC also reports "Cannes Film Festival said: "This incident was entirely the responsibility of the Festival's technical service, which offers its apologies to the director and his team, to the producers and the audience". So maybe "Cannes Film Festival Booed during Netflix Movie"?

Was my thought too after reading the article. The BBC! Clickbait! Where do we even go from here?

> The audience booed the Netflix logo, which appeared before the film started, and it then became clear the film was playing in the wrong aspect ratio.

> "The second time around the audience booed the Netflix logo again. But there was also some cheering at the same time and a warm round of applause at the end."

Ok, so they weren’t disappointed by the quality of the movie but rather had trouble with the projector and some hate for the Netflix as a brand. The headline feels a bit click-baity...

There is quite an outrage on Twitter in French against the people that booed the Netflix logo.

This is clearly a generational problem; we have a lot of rules in France that were designed to protect theaters against early TV diffusion of blockbusters (« Chronologie des médias » [0]), but it is not designed for Netflix model at all.

Most of the film makers and the public understand the need for a change of that regulation, but of course theaters associations are lobbying against it.

[0]: https://translate.google.fr/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&pre...

Considering what Almodovar stated, it's not (surprisingly) just a French theater owners lobbying problem.

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