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I Build My Own Not-Hotdog Classifier from HBO's Silicon Valley (github.com)
68 points by kmather73 189 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

If this last week's episode does one good thing it will be to convince programmers that it's not that hard to get started doing ML stuff. Not to say that it's all trivial or straightforward, if you look at the linked image below you can see that a simple NN will miss lots of stuff. In this example the image is being examined for hotdogness as a whole, not being segmented or searching for a bounding box of hotdogness.


I think your link proves that the NN is smarter than you give it credit for. The image is of a laptop screen, so NOT HOTDOG ;)

Sorry to pry, but what is the "Fridge AI" Trello board in reference to? Are you automating your refrigerator at home? If so, details?

Kinda, one of the original ideas was to make a beer-dispensing fridge for my neighbor as he is 'slimming' and wanted to have his fridge limit how much beer he drinks. The real genius – dispense the beer INTO the fridge so you only have 1 or 2 cold beers at a time. No one wants to drink warm beer.

Since then it has evolved into a big AI project, will do a Show HN at some point soon.


Good luck with the wedding! :)

That's pretty neat. If you're interested, the creator[0] of the real NotHotdog app posted some details here on HN[1], apparently a blog post will follow.

[0] https://twitter.com/timanglade [1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14347865

I put the app posted a few days ago on my phone, and took a photo of my dachshund. I won't lie - I was hoping that would be an easter egg and it would classify him as a hotdog. (he wasn't)

is a hotdog a sandwich?

In my vernacular, a hotdog sandwich is a bit different preparation than a regular hotdog.

You slice the hotdog meat lengthwise so it will sit flat, then in half so that you have 4 pieces that fit onto regular sliced bread.


Note that is usually done not because it's a better idea. Driven by either lack of funds, or the idiotic practice where buns come in packs of 8, but hotdogs come in packs of 10.

A sandwich has length and width. One can eat in the X or the Y directions. Whereas a hot dog has only length. You can eat it in only one direction. Therefore a hot dog is actually just a degenerate case of a sandwich, where Y = 0. In other words, a hot dog is a one-dimensional or linear sandwich.

We'll know humankind has entered a new age of enlightenment & prosperity when we invent cubic sandwiches.

What else would it be? A pastry? I think because the elements (hot dog and bun) are cooked separately it has to be a sandwich. If you baked the hotdog within the bun and severed it then it would be a pastry to me.

no way dude that would be classified under a pretzel derivative.

If an Italian sausage on a roll is a sandwich, why would not a Frankfurter sausage on a bun rather than a roll not be a sandwich?

Err—good question. No, not really, but it's difficult to find a reason why it's not. It's meat between bread.

Is-a-kind relationship. Hotdog is a specific kind of a sandwich with a whole sausage (or sausage-like object, heh, vegan hotdogs) in it.

yeah but its meat in between one piece of bread, opposed to two pieces.

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