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Python under PG can do anything python can do.. but that said, just because you CAN import numpy/pandas and go to town, doesn't mean you SHOULD. In fact you probably really shouldn't :)

That said, we use python inside of PG, and it's awesome. It's not really any more powerful than PG/SQL(their built-in language) i.e. in terms of what you can do in the DB itself.

Our main app is also python, so we have a continuity of language from front-end to back-end. We do have some DB functions that take advantage of python's flexibilities, but like I said, we try to keep external modules and craziness out of the PG backend if possible. Sometimes there is no help for it, and you do what you must, and it's very handy that you can just go do it.

Sometimes I'd rather do python magic than self join correlated sub-queries or write window functions and have it all become a convoluted mess. But I see your point.

edit: i'm still trying to train myself to think in a relational way.

relations are awesome, but it def. takes training! I'd suggest avoiding window functions for pagination.. see http://use-the-index-luke.com/no-offset as one method.

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