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I was expecting that presentation to be stuff you were missing, but the presentation is saying that essentially every feature they describe is implemented in PostgreSQL. Of the SQL:2011 ones, only one wasn't (temporal tables), and even the SQL:2016 features had partial support (with the summary slide at the end of other features they didn't do in detail having stuff that looks familiar in a PostgreSQL context). Do you have a reference of features not in PostgreSQL you are hoping to use?

I really would like to use Temporal Tables (slides 137 and following) to say like 'give me the record of last week'.

I can of course do that already manually, but it is tedious and I hope it will be faster if implemented directly.

Besides temporal tables, I want temporal materialized views. I needed such a thing so much so that I implemented such a thing in PlPgSQL: https://github.com/twosigma/postgresql-contrib/blob/master/p...

This lets me materialize a view and then inspect deltas between refreshes, with history, and even update the materialized view from triggers and have those changes recorded in a history table automatically.

Thanks for the link!

Time travel existed for a long time, but eventually got culled in v8 (IIRC) because not enough people were using it to justify the code complexity.

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