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No argument here but what do you mean by 'admin'?

"Etsy’s general and administrative expenses amounted to 24 percent of total revenue. (EBay and MercadoLibre.com, the Latin American online marketplace, each spend about 10 percent of revenue on such expenses.) "

I should have said G&A (general and administrative expenses). Essentially the cost of your workforce, the offices, benefits, etc. Etsy's is huge compared to any reasonable comp, and nowhere has anyone explained why it must be so.

Ebay has bigger economies of scale, so maybe Etsy can't really get to 10% with their smaller sales, but it should be in the 10-20% range. If it's "correct" number for G&A is 14%, they are essentially taking 10% of every sales dollar to spend on a party for the employees.

It also means their total compensation per employee might be as much as 70% higher than market. Total comp is pay, payroll taxes, benefits such as medical/dental/parking/mass transit/etc. Probably not, since it also includes office expense such as the cost of the CEO's merry band of office decorators. But it's not hard to imagine that they might be 40-50% over market in employee comp, plus spend way too much on office costs.


So you are talking about executive management, finance, and other overhead staff not developers or product development.

I asked because you mentioned developer salaries earlier in the thread.

24% does seem awfully high.

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