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Using GraphQL to manage open source repositories (netlify.com)
93 points by gk1 on May 18, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

I recently looked into using GraphQL as a query language for a small side project (twitch bot in nodejs) that i'm working on. It seemed a bit heavy for what I needed (interface with a simple redis data store).

I'm curious - after using it, what types of projects do you think GraphQL is good for and what types of things do you think it is not well suited for?


most of our microservices are backed by relational database and writing RESTful Apis for all our consumers with different data requirements is a lot of work. GraphQL requires some extra effort initially but you don't need to keep going after every few weeks because some consumer need something different now.

Really cool demo of using GraphQL!

Awesome use for GraphQL!

What problem does this solve?

Hi, I made the thing. It solves 2 problems for me.

1 save open source projects and write notes about them to eventually make a contribution

2 try out solving a problem using a new technology, GraphQL

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