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The only comments I saw were one from an unnamed staffer, at the end, and two from software engineers. What about these comments (from people who've just lost their jobs, bear in mind) seems entitled to you? I just see people who agreed with the principles and ideology of the company they worked for.

> Jason Wong, a former engineer, urged his ex-colleagues to “fight” for “all the sellers who rely on you, for the values that Etsy stands for, for all the things you love about working there.”

> “I’m not crying,” wrote Katherine Daniels, a senior engineer. “I’m just allergic to capitalism.”

Well for one, the part about "fighting" anything... just appreciate your job experience the company gave you and move on.

"For all the things you love about working there"... so basically fight for your overly cushy job where you were overpaid to organize paperclips, because of untracked spending. I'm being somewhat facetious but you get the point. I also have no problems with cushy or overly cushy, more power to you if you find something like that, it's awesome... just don't be an entitled goomba when things end.

"Allergic to capitalism". This is just stupid. You're allergic for a company to cut their spending to not-insane levels?

I don't think the guy is telling his former colleagues to fight for the nice perks, but more for the culture. It's clear from the article that the company's values are shifting to be more profit-oriented.

He personally finds this shift questionable because those might not have been the core values that motivated him (and perhaps his colleagues). I'm not sure if that makes him an "entitled goomba."

I do agree that the second quote is purely stupid. You work(ed) at a online marketplace, of all things and _now_ you're allergic to capitalism?

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