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Background: I'm a decentralization researcher, I quit my job at Twitch to report on decentralized web initiatives full-time, and I'm tracking 200+ projects and protocols like this attempting to remake the web. Urbit is near the top of the list of ones I think will work.

Urbit has the most coherent vision for why decentralized computing is necessary across all other initiatives in this space. They understand the history behind topics of trust, identity, and governance in building new software platforms, in ways that other initiatives (especially blockchain-based communities) sorely lack, or are unable to communicate effectively.

Compare to Ethereum, which has a similar scale of ambition, but with a far less trustworthy and transparent leadership team, who has (despite these problems) still managed to raise huge interest in a currency with a several-billion-dollar market cap. If you just spend time reading Urbit docs vs Ethereum docs, I believe the difference in clarity of vision will become apparent to you.

I bought two stars and am considering buying a third.

I'm curious, what are the others at the top of your list? IPFS?

IPFS is certainly one of the top initiatives, and Juan Benet in particular will be involved in whatever future internet architcture takes shape. I need to investigate them more myself before I endorse the full vision, though.

Where is your report published?

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