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Introducing Ivy: a new smart contract language (chain.com)
60 points by bascule on May 17, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 13 comments

Tell us about capability-safety. Tell us about how you'll avoid plan interference. Tell us about about what makes this language fundamentally safe and not just hard-to-use.

A step in the right direction. I'm still waiting for a TLA+-like language where you can build proofs for high level custom properties like "Robust to some parts of the contract being indefinitely delayed".

what's a chain.com? I've never heard of them. Ethereum competitor?

looks like a private blockchain being sold as an on prem product to financial institutions

Anyone know how to do mathematical operations on an Amount? I can't seem to do this ie:

amountRequired: Amount amountNeeded: Amount


verify amountRequired * 3 == amountNeeded

Any ideas?

Is it Turing-complete or not?

Are there any useful contracts you might write that require Turing completeness?

Sure. For example, you might specify a contract which happens to require a solution to a Diophantine equation be generated for a certain handful of coefficients. This is known to scale up in complexity to Turing-completeness. [0] An example equation might govern the exchange or transfer of some resources, in which the contract only accepts a resource exchange which is equivalent in value.

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilbert's_tenth_problem

Even in this... implausible scenario, the contract would only need to verify the solution to the equation. The party creating the transaction would then be responsible for generating a solution.

A broadcast-ledger type currency requires every node to agree on the outcome of running transaction scripts. This is very impossible if running scripts is undecidable.

oh lovely, now you need to release tokens so we can ponzifi it

Or... they can release tokens so we can fund its continued research and development.

Sorry, not in our plan!

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