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WannaCry savior is rewarded with a year's free pizza and $10K for saving Internet (thenextweb.com)
48 points by dsr12 on May 16, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

FYI, the pizza freebe from JustEat will be due to this tweet, where the company logo is visible.


> The British press essentially doxed him, stripping him of his anonymity and privacy.

Good news and bad news ...

Its unfathomable to me how many of my engineer graduate friends are sharing the information of his person on Facebook and other social media sites. Why don't people understand this is dangerous?

The original malware author is probably already dead for affecting Russian banks. Or having a bad time somewhere for hitting someone outside the law.

Don't people realize how dangerous it is to write untargeted malware.

:mostly joking:

While, how much money did the Wanacry black hat pocket?

Really makes you wonder if it was worth it.

Granted he did it out his own curiuosioty with no promise of a reward.

But still. It seems a bit petty. 10K and pizza.

If you are in for the money, being the good guy is not worth it. Which, counter-intuitively, is how you get incorruptible good guys.

Also, if he were in to save the world, I would bet he had a good week.

>While, how much money did the Wanacry black hat pocket?

Apparently not much more than $70K (the BTC account balances are public).

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